Escape from the Western Diet

To emphasize the pending concern, Pollan explains the factors influencing the western diet factors to evaluate what Americans believe they should be consuming. All the underlying factors include experts applying the theories related to nutarianism, whereby the American food industry in support of the theory is motivated to make products. Moreover, health companies make medications that are meant to support these theories.Generally, Pollan feels that it is essential for citizens to escape this form of diet. Apart from that, Pollan stresses that the idea of consuming American food should be deleted from people’s heads since it is harmful to their health. Pollan provides his guidelines that are essential for avoiding the western diet, including the notion of nutritionism that has been created by scientists. With that being said, Pollan stresses that these theories from scientists related to nutritionism focus on personal nutrients instead of focussing on food in general.Pollan continues to refute his claims by correlating that the theories and theories contradict each other. Pollan concentrates on the scientists who blame the health issues and the problems of micronutrition. These are not the same scientists that view sugar-soaked nutrition diet as a significant influencer of metabolic signs and symptoms. Based on the assumption, Pollas focuses on putting his point across since these theories are a standard definition of western illnesses. According to Pollan, food experts can conclude anything they feel like concerning the techniques behind this sensation. However, whichever theories they make, the remedy will appear to be the same: people should stay away from the western industry diet. In simple language, irrespective of what the food experts conclude about the western illnesses, the most dominant factor of all is the western diet, which should be the viewpoint of the remedy.Moreover, to shed light on the misleading theories from scientists, Pollan proceeds too include how the philosophies are advantageous to the diet industry and the health sector. Pollan is concerned with the community believing in the scientists who provide assumptions meant to develop the diet industry and how people should eat. Novel theories are intended to focus on the introduction of new drugs, including new medications that are arranged to reflect on new theories and nutritional classes.Primarily, Pollan stresses that the health sector is interested in profiting from the theories that have been created around the manufacturing of the drugs about nutritional limitations. Correspondingly, Pollan stresses that the nutrition industry is coming up with novel products to correlated to the introduced theories related to the western diet. Pollan further reminds the readers that it is essential to escape the western diet even if it seems hard to do so since companies are looking forward to benefiting instead of worrying about what people eat.To investigate what categorically differentiates the western industry meals, Pollan compares the recommended nutrition categories and the processed ones. He further mentions that other than getting worried about nutrition, it is essential to stay away from any meals that have been manufactured with more preference to the industrial objective than its intended purpose.Pollan agrees with Scrinis, who also has the same idea of avoiding processed food, but complicates it by stressing that whole meals are taken over by manufacturing processes. Apart from that, Pollan reminds his audience that ignoring the western diet will not be easy. However, he was able to convince his audience that it is possible to find a solution to the food issue. Pollan encourages the people of American to eat the right nutrition and not too much of it. All his regulations and pieces of advice focus on consuming real meals and eating habits that are accepted by society. Pollan stresses that eating plants is what people should consider as the right eating habit.According to the arguments of Pollan, he is against scientists theories about nutritionists. He further brings out what he considers are contradictions and a revolution of the novel theories that define new products. These novel products are stereotyped by Pollan to formulate new medicines. He further informs his audience that the theories are created by the food industry with a significant intention of making profits. The ambition of these health companies is channeled for benefit instead of transforming how, as typical American citizens eat. Apart from that, Pollan stresses to the readers that it is essential to evade the diet due to the evident effects of western illnesses. Pollan provides a remedy on how people can escape consuming American food. Pollan further recommends the best ways to eat using traditional feeding habits.

Lord of the Rings’ True Heroes

Political concepts related to the novel have abounded, including everything from an examination of the relationship of steward/king to the kingdom and an analogy drawn between the events of the trilogy and the personalities of Joseph Stalin and the West. Perhaps most often, though, the trilogy is used to illustrate the nature of what is meant when we think of the concept of the ‘hero’. The word hero is defined in several ways. In mythology, a hero is often defined as a man with divine ancestry who demonstrates great strength, physically and morally, and great courage. He is typically celebrated for accomplishing impossible deeds, sometimes for the betterment of mankind, and is always favored by the gods, or at least a majority of them. A hero is also a person who gains notoriety as a result of showing great courage or nobility of purpose in the accomplishment of a deed or a lifetime. Those who gain the greatest notoriety are those who have risked their own lives to save the lives of others. In the story, there are a number of characters who emerge as an example of a true hero including Frodo Baggins, Sam Gamgee, Aragorn and Arwen with several minor characters showing definite heroic tendencies.Frodo Baggins easily falls within the category of a hero because he steps up to take on the burden of the ring even after he has been nearly killed just for trying to get it to the elves and knows the heavy price it will inflict on his soul. His greatest wish, once he reaches Rivendell and regains his health, is to return to his comfortable home in Hobbiton and spend his days eating, smoking his pipe and joining his friends in the Hobbiton tavern. While he does not have any family or sweetheart to return home to, he is not a hobbit infected with the wanderlust that had infected his uncle Bilbo and has no desire to acquire the same kind of dubious reputation Bilbo had among his neighbors.

The Implication of the ROHS Directive

This study attempts to review the implications of the directive to the electronic industry as to substantial compliance and to the implications in the product quality, reliability and expense.1. Details. The Restriction on use of Hazardous Substances was initiated by the European Union in answer to the growing concerns of environmental and health issues that endanger mankind and its environment. The European Union issued directives that were enacted to a legislation in July 2007 restricting the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipments. ROHS directive complements the Waste in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEE) that controls the disposal of the electrical and electronic equipment (EEE).This regulation is directed to manufacturers or assemblers of electrical or electric equipment in the UK, importers of electrical or electronic equipment from outside Europe, and those who re-badge electronic products as their own. An exemption from this directive is those individuals who make purchases from abroad, and retailers who purchase their products from within the UK. (RoHS home)RoHS has confined the restricted hazardous elements to the use of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, and a large range of flame retardants such as polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. RoHS has exempted the use of hazardous elements for a certain number of products wherein substitutes do not exist and have allowed certain permissible levels of these substances to be used.In this directive, manufacturers are obliged to conform to the policy that their products placed in the market must be free from the hazardous elements above the prescribed level. Documentation to attest to this compliance must also be held for each product and must be submitted to the DOE and must be maintained for 4 years even if the product is out on the market shelves. (RoHS Home).

African Americans Living with Diabetes

Further complications associated with diabetes include kidney disease, blindness, and the threat of amputations. This health concern currently affects about 16 million people in the United States with an estimated five million of those unaware of their condition and a disproportionate number being of African-American descent.The odds of African Americans contracting diabetes are estimated to be at least double the national average. This disparity is increasing every year and has become the most significant health concern for the African American community. Approximately one in eight African Americans has diabetes. More disturbingly, of those with diabetes, African Americans are more likely to develop associated complications and become disabled than are the white community, possibly as a result of escalating health care costs associated with diabetes treatment supplies. Further, death rates for people with diabetes are 27 percent higher for African Americans compared with whites (National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, 2002).This paper first explains the cause of diabetes through an overview of its symptoms and who’s at risk, then delves deeply into diabetes from an African American perspective including the reasons for this racial imbalance, female-specific issues, and the amplified ancillary effect that diabetes has on African Americans. It will also speak to how physical activity, calorie intake, and obesity factor into the equation. Finally, a brief section is included that covers the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and will discuss preventative measures as well as proper diet and care for those afflicted with the disease.A primary factor in diabetes is the level of insulin present in the body. Insulin is a chemical the body produces naturally to manage the induction of glucose into the system. When the body produces too little amounts of insulin, greater amounts of glucose are allowed to enter the bloodstream thereby causing the symptoms of the disease called diabetes.

Advertisements and Anorexic Models

While it can be argued that advertisers have a right towards free speech and should be able to present whatever images they want, the reality of the situation is that advertisers have to show restraint and have to be regulated since the people have to be protected from those who would seek to exploit them. The arguments for not allowing advertisements that show models that are clearly anorexic is both a moral argument and a business argument since advertising has a tremendous effect on people and their buying decisions. Unethical advertising may actually put people off a certain seller and this makes it a dangerous business decision to use anorexic models.To understand the effects of advertisements on individuals we must understand the disease itself and realize that advertisements can become a part of the cause of why anorexia exists in such large numbers today. ANRED (Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders) (2007) suggests that advertisements and society at large makes several strange demands from women who are expected to be happy, have positive relationships, have a successful career, maintain her house and remain thin.This idea of remaining and being thin can become a mental disease that manifests itself as an eating disorder called Anorexia Nervosa. The disease itself has several symptoms for example. an individual may have a distorted personal body image and a very low weight that is extremely dangerous for their health. Individuals who suffer from this disease may seek to control their weight and their distorted body image with extreme dieting which may take them to the point of absolute starvation. They may even start vomiting their food intake, engage in too much exercise such as running or trying to lose weight through excessive weight training. They may even resort to using drugs such as Phen Phen in an attempt to reduce their perceived weight (Fry and Veatch, 2000).The advertisers of fashion and other goods are certainly a part of the problem when it comes to Anorexia since their idealized picture of what a woman should look like is nothing compared to what women in the realworld are used to.

Similarities and Differences between Baboon and Human Being

Based on social behavior studies, psychological and physical stress levels remain exceptionally higher amongst individuals within the lower hierarchy. The social behaviors results include high blood pressure, suppressed immune system and increased stress hormones. It is imperative to note that due to the social behaviors baboons can differentiate real menace and neutral factor in a similar manner as behaviors of neurotic persons. In addition, both human beings and baboons believe that violence control implicates less stress and good health.Mostly, the highly sociable baboons normally have a healthier lifestyle and with minimal stress in a similar manner to human beings. Minimize social stress directly relates to reduces mental and physical torture with consequent comfort in health. The social build up is indispensable in a realization of least social stress, and it begins at birth amongst both baboons and human beings.Besides health-related stress similarities, baboons also have a strong tendency towards competition and aggression just like human beings. In a similar way as human beings, baboons develop inherent competitive urge when relating to each other. In addition to competitiveness aggression, baboons also directly get involved in decision-making processes in a similar way as human beings. Typically, baboons develop thinking and take sides during discussions both emotionally and rationally just like human beings. However, human beings slightly differ with baboons mainly because their decisions may surpass the immediate situation and environment.Furthermore, both the baboons and humans manifest wickedness and envy friendship in all their social associations. Another important social behavior relates to the unique personality developed by an individual and baboons.

Stress in Pushing Tin Film

Further, stress can also make reference to a part of life which is ubiquitous in which researchers have intimated that there are different types of stress. Essentially, acute stress is one type of stress, which denotes the one in which an individual is excited, hence becoming an exciting stress where this type of stress keeps a person alert and also active. Chronic stress is the other type of stress whereby it affects the body by causing health problems in which this reaction may result from the body experiencing tension or when it senses danger. Based on this, the process in which the body reacts to these stimuli is known as fight or flight where the hormones react to the surge all through the body. Drawing from this, the Pushing Tin film outlines stress at the workplace clearly as portrayed by the characters in the same (Dewe et. al 1). For one, Nick Falzone together with his colleagues, where their job is to ensure that there is no traffic in the air, become proud and start to brag about the way they are capable of coping with extreme stress found in their job. These workmates go to the extent of comparing themselves with half of the new employees who have quit the job because they lacked the ability to manage the work-related stress. However, it does not take long before Nick and his fellow colleagues are joined by a confident man known as Russell Bell, who challenges them with his ability for coping with the work-related stress despite him applying difficult and dangerous techniques. Therefore, Nick becomes very stressed and even stubs Russell at the back by making false claims to their director, that include Russells being a reckless cannon, by saying that he had seen him daring an aircraft to be propelled violently making Nick even more stressful. Work stress is also experienced bythe members of the Tracon when they are threatened that there would is a bomb scheduled to destroy them together with the facility hence leading to physiological stress.

High Job Control

This research tells that high job control is considered by many to be a practice that empowers the employee and grants him this job satisfaction. It is seen as a practice that protects employees from the detrimental impacts of high work demands. High work demands refer to the complexity of the character of the job, alongside the possibility of the immense pressure an employee feels in getting the job done. Karasek affirms that it is mainly a low job control that leads to high job stress which in turn negatively impacts an employee’s health. He uses his job demands-control model to explain the impact of high and low job control on an individual based on the high or low demands made on him by the job. When it comes to scenarios where the demand is on the higher side while the control is on the lower side, higher levels of stress are felt by the individual leading to deteriorating health conditions. High demand from a job that is accompanied by high job control is termed ‘active’ because it allows the individual to learn and develop as well as use and enhance multiple skills. average levels of strain are felt. Low demand from a job along with high job control is seen as inducing little or no stress for the individual while low demand from the job accompanied by low job control is seen as ‘passive’, as causing average levels of stress and as contributing towards a loss of skills. The important feature to note of this model is the fact that it is fundamentally the lack of job control and not the high demand for the job that is leading to the stress. The model explains how high job control will be used to counter the negative impacts of high job demand, thus acting like a buffer. Karasek Theorell look at some developments that have been made to this model, one of which has been to include support (that is help and guidance from supervisors) as a moderator of work demands.

The Effects of Steroids

The first athletes to use steroids were Olympians and not baseball or football players as commonly believed. States sponsored steroid regimen during the Cold War, in the East and the West. East Germanys state-managed doping system was revealed after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was then discovered that more than 10,000 athletes were treated with steroids. Some of the athletes were as young as twelve years and many did not know that they were being given steroids. This made them get Olympic medals but also gave them long-term health problems.The asteroid is a synthetically produced male sex hormone, testosterone which helps the growth of muscle mass and strength. Anabolic steroids as they are known, were isolated, and synthesized in the 1930s, and are now used for therapeutic purposes in medicine to stimulate growth, help treat diseases such as cancer and AIDS. It has been acknowledged that steroids along with an adequate diet increase body weight. According to Ron Woods (2006), Anabolic steroids are faster and more effective than any physical training program for increasing size, strength and speed. Sports coaches and trainers immediately saw the possibilities of using steroids.People use steroids for many reasons. They take them because a doctor has advised them for treating an ailment, or because they want to improve their physique and increase strength and endurance as in the case of athletes. There are many who use steroids as drugs as they are cheaper than marijuana or cocaine.The central issue about steroids is the abuse of steroids. Like any other medicine, steroids, when taken without the guidance of a doctor, can create health problems. The problems may be in the form of damage to the heart, lungs or liver.

Impression of the Advertisement

The immediate impression of the advertisement says that it is making the first appeal in Jib Fowles’ list which is the need for sex. As he says, this is more of a flirtation with the idea of sex rather than a direct reference to it. This advertisement flirts with the idea that these two people might get together, but it doesn’t really say anything about sex itself. This is instead just a little fun diversion. The two people might even be married to other people already but their actions in the advertisement would not violate the vows they took. The text helps to add to this flirty attitude by inviting the reader to participate with a suggestion of fragrance at the woman’s shoulder and in promising that men will be drawn to the triple benefits of soft skin, tanned skin, and alluring fragrance.Although it seems the ad is appealing to our need for sex, it really focuses more on our need for affiliation as it emphasizes the connections made between the woman and others who will ‘be drawn to it’ and her by extension. Her fun-loving athletic appearance is accented by her use of this particular lotion while her overall healthy skin is associated with the brand name, Nivea. She is available to be kissed, even invites it, but this is as far as the relationship goes while the guy’s intense look in her direction reinforces the idea that the use of this product will bring her positive attention. Her happy look and well-toned appearance give the impression of health and well-being, suggesting that using this product has contributed in some way to this state of health. Thus, the brand begins to be identified with health and well-being, suggesting Nivea has something to do with this glowing health.Through text,form, and expression, the Nivea ad attempts to promise fulfillment of our need for affiliation with others while giving the brand an association with fun, health, and being in touch with the female consumer population.