Heteronormativity and Phallogocentrism in Jeanette Wintersons Written on Body

Socially woman has always been regarded as an inferior person, an object while man has been regarded as a superior one and has been rewarded as a subject. And through this discrimination almost every culture woman has been denied freedom and always been suppressed. After the exorbitant unjust and immense suppression of the female body and female mind, the women have been rebelling enough now to fight against the hypocritical and pro-male social norms. They have literary defied all the male favored rules where the woman has no place at all. Occasionally they have defied morality for the sake of getting an intense love relationship. In the modern time, many female writers through their writings focus on the woman particularly from gender discrimination and they have propounded the theory of female subjectivity in a very forthright way and challenged the conservative attitude of heterosexuality, heteronormativity, and phallogocentrism. All of these feminist writers have unfolded the different facets of female psychology. Here in this paper, we are going to discuss the concept of heteronormativity and phallogocentrism in the novel of Jeanette Winterson called “Written on Body. This is a novel that gives importance to emotions and sentiments. According to Christy R. Stevens “In sum, the ungendered narrator in Winterson’s Written on the Body is not a mere gimmick, but rather is a device that challenges dominant constructions of gender and sexuality. Winterson text constructs a world in which obtaining the status of the subject is not contingent upon gendering or assuming sex.” (Imagining Deregulated Desire Written on the Bodys Revolutionary Reconstruction of Gender and Sexuality Christy R. Stevens San Diego State University)According to the conception of Heteronormativity, there are two genders. Heteronormativity expects that all the discussion regarding gender should be in the framework of dichotomy, i.e. division into twoabsolutely opposed parts.