How Are the Good Designing and Fire Safety Connected in the Tall Buildings

Tall buildings often symbolize the dominance and power of one country over another in respect of its varied architecture and a strong economy. It is a symbol of prosperity combined with the urge to make a mark on the world while some others have evolved as a part of creating history. The current trend to create taller buildings is a bid to reflect the impact of globalization on the development of the modern world. Major cities of the world literally compete on a global stage to have the tallest building which announces their dominance over others as it reflects their respective country’s strong economies.In terms of fire safety, a high rise building could be defined as a building taller than four stories or 75 feet simply because the aerial ladders of the fire department can barely reach up to that level.These huge structures, sometimes pose a serious danger to the firefighters in case of emergencies because of their designs such as the building standpipe system, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system, fire sprinkler system, etc. Also, the usual fire escape routes such as stairwell or elevator evacuations too can be fatal and cause damage to millions of lives and property.According to some estimates, every year there are about 7,000 fires that break out in high rise office buildings causing serious damage. This damage could be significantly reduced by implementing better fire prevention methods, better-informed designs of high rises, and detailed planning.With globalization and industrial development, more and more buildings are getting taller with little or no change in the evaluation methods. The tallest telescopic ladder, for example, barely reaches the 12th floor leaving the people trapped with no option other than escaping through stairs. But this too isn’t a viable option, because as the fire catches, the smoke starts to spread in all directions turning the escape routes (staircases and elevators) into a gigantic chimney.