How do you pronounce your name

When I was younger, though, I never knew the kind of impact my name would have on me.In elementary school, I was not very fond of my name. I always complained to myself how one day I would change it to Heaven. It would be easier for people to pronounce, and I would be free of hearing that overused question on a daily basis. As I grew older and matured, the views I had on my name changed drastically. I began to like the uniqueness of my name, and whenever the pause came to read my name, I was more than happy to correct the pronunciation. As I grew older and I began to fully understand why my mother would give me this name, I realized that what I had was more than just I name. I had a story to go with it.Born two months early and weighing only two pounds, it was more than a blessing for me to be alive, especially when the doctor was sure that either my mom or I was going to die during the birth. My mom, happy that we both survived, decided to name me Heavyn’le. Given the miracle that occurred the day of my birth, nothing else seemed to fit. My mom also said, “My name is so common, and I just wish that someone would have spelled my name a little different.” Therefore, to add to the uniqueness of my name, she had to add some spice to it, to make it “different.” Not only is my name unique, but it has a story behind it that has finally made me proud to bear the name that my mother blessed me with.Now that I am older, I have come to realize that my name helped make me who I am. I am able to understand why I was named Heavyn’le, and that it had not been picked on a whim but for a reason – life. I am not afraid to be different. I am constantly being told how pretty my name is, and I have even been asked if my name could be used in a short story.