How Motivation and Emotion Affect Young Adolescent Girls Learning in Mathematics

These examples show that there are psychological factors that affect one’s regard for Math as a subject. This paper shall be discussing the effects of motivation and emotion on adolescent girls’ learning of Math as well as how educators can support them to have a healthy attitude and regard for the subject to enable them to learn it more effectively.The study of Math incorporates the processes of questioning, reflecting, reasoning and proof. It is a powerful tool for solving familiar and unfamiliar problems both within and beyond mathematics. As such, it is integral to scientific and technological advances in many fields of endeavor. The inclusion of Mathematics in the curriculum is aimed at developing students’ mathematical thinking, understanding, competence and confidence in the application of mathematics, their own creativity, enjoyment and appreciation of the subject and their engagement in lifelong learning (Board of Studies New South Wales, 2002)Apart from the skills developed from the study of Math, values and attitudes are likewise emphasized. Students get to appreciate mathematics as an essential and relevant part of life. They show interest and enjoyment in inquiry and the pursuit of mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding. Children demonstrate confidence in applying mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding to everyday situations and the solution of everyday problems. Math also aims to develop and demonstrate perseverance in undertaking mathematical challenges. Students recognize that mathematics has been developed in many cultures in response to human needs (Board of Studies New South Wales, 2002).The literature provides several studies on the use of ability grouping in Mathematics. The experience of working with others and in teams can facilitate learning. Group work provides the opportunity for students to communicate mathematicallywith each other, to make conjectures, to cooperate and to persevere when solving problems and undertaking investigations.