Human Resource Management In ABC

The number of researches has been done on human resource management (HRM) in the past highlighting the factors affecting human resources and eventually the performance of the organization (Steijn, 2002). One of the two leading factors is individual differences e.g. gender, age, race, and qualifications (Reiner Zhao, 1999). The second factor is the work environment which acts as a primary determinant of job satisfaction and ultimately affects the overall performance of the organization (Herzberg, 1966). The wisdom received from the reports of Scot and McAfferty is that the involvement of ABC employees is crucial not only to the success of the company but also for the organizational change.Throughout the hierarchy of ABC, each employee must have clear concepts and awareness regarding the organizational strategy (Huang, 2001). The case of ABC is a failure of the organization to cope with its human resource with its vision and strategic objectives down from the top. The lag in terms of human resource management has caused a potentially widespread change of behaviors in the company. The reports primarily indicate the lack of modern applications of HRM models. There is no HRM department in ABC and only a mid-level manager is handling the issues of HRM. This eventually resulted in, although loyal, but ineffective workforce due to lack of prerequisite training.