Human Resources in USoft

Other factors that make U-Soft employees work below their capabilities include poor leadership skills among the managers and lack of work promotion opportunities.To increase the work performance of employees, the HR manager of U-Soft should draft new HR policies, remuneration packages, and work flexibility options. These strategies are effective in terms of motivating employees to improve their overall work performance. Likewise, the HR manager should also connect with colleges and universities to enable the company to hire some of the most competitive young individuals who are highly skilled in software development and design.U-Soft is a software production company that also operates in online gaming. Being a service-oriented firm with technical requirements, it is of utmost importance to U-Soft that it recruits skilled and technically equipped people to deliver efficiency and optimal output.Theoretically, reduced HR costs get reflected in decreased production costs and enhanced profit margins. However, U-Soft is facing problems in managing its workforce due to increased competition, quality emphasis, and performance gap between actual and expected.This paper delves deep into analyzing the competitive strategies of U-Soft and how its human resources policies are not supplementing its business policy. Starting with a brief overview of the company, SWOT analysis and identifying the current gaps in the recruitment and working environment form the basis for recommending solutions to problems caused by insufficient and ineffective management of its workforce.U-Soft is a technology-driven organization which was founded in 2003. Eventually, U-Soft became a public company in 2007. The company operates in Business Intelligence, Consulting, Alert Engine Tools and online games with services provided to both business enterprises and customers.