Information Technology and Management

The main aim of this research is to spotlight the new emerging trends of business and corporate management. This research will assess the facilities, tools, advantages, and enhancements that can be brought into a business through this system (MIS) implementation. The main focus of this research will be on the detailed analysis of the strategy support brought by the implementation of the MISs in the businesses and organizational structures.Management information systems have turned out to be a major part of every business that facilitates extensive management of organizational data and information processing, storage, handling and management. It is really difficult to handle the organizational management tasks without a management information systems facility. The introduction of basic terms is necessary before defining a management information system. Data are a combination of unrefined facts representing events taking place in organizations or the physical environment prior to they have been structured and managed into a structure that people can recognize and utilize. Data can include text, numbers, images and videos. On the other hand, information refers to data that has been transformed into a structure that is important and functional to human beings (Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat 6), (Norton 4) and (Laudon and Laudon 7).According to (Turban, Rainer and Potter 18), an information system gathers, operates, stores, evaluates and distributes information for a particular function. Similar to any other system, an information system consists of inputs (such as instructions and data) and outputs (reports, calculations). It performs operations on the inputs by using technology like PCs and develops outputs that are delivered to users or to other systems by means of electronic networks (Turban, Rainer and Potter 18). “The term information system can be described technicallyas a collection of interrelated components that bring together, process, store, and distribute information to carry decision making and control in an organization” Information systems keep and maintain information about important people, places, and things inside the corporation or in the set up surrounding it.