The Concept of Aristotle’s Function Argument

According to Aristotle, it is perceived that the human function is the conscious venture that is everyone’s good and should be carried out properly. This article helps to explain in detail on how Aristotle perceives functional argument.The duty of the function dispute in Aristotle’s analysis of the human good is that for you to get to understand is that you need to get to know the clear definition of the human good, as stated in the lecture. It is evident that Aristotle has acquired a good human ad regards it as being the source of joy. Similarly, it is regarded as something that all human beings would wish to get in life.The concept of Aristotle’s Function Argument, it is Aristotle’s perception that it will be essential to comprehend the function theory as employed to human beings. He quotes clearly that in case a carpenter and tanner can manage to get a function, a man should get function too. He desired to achieve a function that can be termed as strange to man. This is according to the concept in chapter nineteen of Aristotle’s. He quotes for plants to survive. they need growth and nutrients, whereas animals need perception and instinct to endure. His primary focus was to get a function that differentiates beings from plants and animals.After reviewing several opinions from humans, at long last, he came up with a conclusion that human beings can be identified from the rest, not by chance but purpose. Through this, it states that human beings alone can work effectively with purpose and hold liable for any action. It is Aristotle’s anxiety that acted as his stepping stone and drove force to desire to get to learn more of function to human beings. Remember, it is clear and concise that according to Aristotle, all humans have a function since, as per the information in his book, the eye, hand, and foot are in possession of a function as a whole. And through this, the human is guaranteed to have a function.Why does Aristotle think all humans have functions? The reason behind this belief that humankind holds a function is, as stated earlier in the text. That the same way a carpenter and a tanner have a function is the same path that needs to be followed by a man to have a function. He states and explains further that human venture is every person’s function which is the purpose and taken as being as the human good. Through his entire idea, it is stated clearly that if a part-owns a duty, then every part has a function. According to his theory, it is clear that human beings have a purpose.

The Culture of Fear in 1984 a Novel by George Orwell

Throughthe author, we see thebeliefsoffearin the year nineteen eighty-four just as Koestler by rising to a climacticmomentofarrest, which with no doubts will drive us to anguish and loss of life. Thefearofmomentis presented by meddling with everymomentof Winston’s mindfulness similar to Rubashov in the text of “Darkness at Noon,” through issuing enough information of the perceptionpoliceandpolicestate. Moreover,Orwellpresentsa security state where people investigate each other to come up with acultureoffear.There are several instances in whichthe authorpresentsacultureofpanic,and this is by the climacticmomentof legal restraint, which is feared by many from the start of the story. In 1984, calamity struck ad Julia andWinstonare arrested around Mr. Charrington’s flat when a sharp and loud voice is heard at their back from the telescreen telling Julia andWinstonthat they are dead. Through this quote, we see how the theme offearis brought out in the entire novel on that fateful morning when thepoliceattack their residing placethoughtto have been a safe place.The author makes use of direct speech in the novel, which acts as a symbolism to bring in the idea of a climactic and surprisingmomentand predicts their psychological downfall and the fall of their revolt against theparty. The statement “behind them” in the novel symbolizes thepartyand shows that thepartyhas been on their neck this whole while. In the same way, Koestler shows the climacticmomentofarrest. This is the time the twopoliceofficers were at the neck of Rubashov’s door to arrest him. Through this, it is crystal clear that Rubashov is being apprehended in actual life in the same period in his desire.In the opening phrases of the first and second paragraphs, Koestler makes use of repetition of the words “hammering on the door to show the difference between imagination and facts, which asthoughtpredicts the future of Rubashov. There is the use of imagery and onomatopoeia to show the climacticmomentoffearin a transparent manner by application of the phrase hammering. This is the same as the use of direct speech byOrwellto signify the actual intrusion of their private life. In all these stories, thefearofarrestand its inevitability follow each other carefully, voice acting as a signal. In all texts, information is extracted from undercoverpoliceof totalitarian state for revolutionary against the Nazis, will be taken as being arrested by the S.S, and led to the concentration camps. From the Second World War fought by the KGB in Stalin’s Russia and Stasi found in communist East Germany, a parallel toWinstonis created, written byOrwellin 1948.The Culture of Fear in 1984, a Novel by George Orwell, alsopresentsfearusing the thematic ofa policestate. When thepoliceofficers are frightened, that’s in 1984. this helps preservefearin our community. Themomentthe perceivedpolicearrives,Winstonexplains the nakedness feeling, and he did not attempt to take any step when Julia is hit. Through this, we learn that Julia’s partner is obedient to thepolice. Nakedness proves the vulnerability ofWinstonand the fact that he dares not to make any step when Julia is hit betrayal to Julia. He does not make any efforts to protect Julia, who he claims to be loving. Through Orwell’s description of the attacker, it is evident that he was brutal and well-built. He claims that the attackers were solid men in black garments and iron-shod. We see some similarities here to thepolicein the novel by Koestler. In that particular novel, we findpoliceofficers who have police uniforms that show aggressively barbed cross and the dreaded big guns. From this illustration, we learn some form of terror and hostility.In 1984, the novelpresentsthe theme of fright, panic prevails everywhere, and this seems to be the party’s significant way of control. It is assisted by a powerful insight of terror thatarrestand prevent citizens from going against thepartyand doingthoughtoffense.Asa thought, the approaching ruin of room 101 can stop several from changing. Still, there is a powerful judgment of outrage that the novelpresents, and it’s connected to this since thepartywho is perpetrating thethoughtoffense andapprehendthose who still instill panic to the residents of Oceania. In summary,Orwell presentsand tries to make us understand the customs of fright by distrust and a primary human essential for living. This is as per Orwell’sthought.

How Enterprise Resource Planning Can Help Companies Become Lean

In the current economic climate, there is cut-throat competition and a rat race has emerged to capture and retain a large customer base. The larger a firm’s customer base, the stronger it shall become. A firm’s customers are its most valuable asset, as they are the ones who spread positive word of mouth if the company is delivering good value and this, in turn, drives demand and subsequently the growth of an organization. Firms nowadays recognize the importance of delivering ‘customer delight’ more than ever before and this has led a change in their business strategies whereby companies are striving to eliminate as many costs as possible and streamline their business processes in order to provide better service at lower costs and pass this benefit down to their customers. Availability of information, or rather the lack of it, is often cited as one of the main reasons why delays occur in business processes and often results in two or more departments doing similar paperwork thus duplicating the work, something which is totally unnecessary and only consumes more time and money than necessary. The proponents of Lean have recognized that ERP can help organizations achieve the objective of becoming lean. The five basic principles that form the basis of the idea of Lean – value definition and specification, value stream mapping, uninterrupted flow, customer pull and the pursuit of perfection – are “all supported and enhanced by comprehensive information control and management tools that an end-to-end enterprise software suite delivers.” How an ERP system streamlines a company’s business processes An ERP system can help a company move towards a lean structure in many ways. These include helping reduce waste, moving towards continuous improvement, exploiting and satisfying sales and customer service opportunities, keeping suppliers and production up-to-date with the use of order less manufacturing and Kanban and creating an environment of perfect information and collaboration. Waste Reduction An ERP system, if implemented, becomes the main information carrying artery of a company, carrying data pertaining do day-to-day activities, measuring progress and using metrics to identify opportunities where a company can improve its processes. Some ERP systems also allow companies to conduct ‘What-If’ analyses and help determine activities that have the quickest payback times. A transparent system with perfect information flow allows all departments to visibly see where each activity lies in terms of progress and ensures that duplication of work doesn’t take place.With an ERP system in place, firms can effectively use the most efficient methods of routing and workflow such as using the most cost-effective way to manage inventory, use transportation and warehousing services, properly time production and work activities to minimize idle time and avoid non-value adding services.

Counterterrorism Tracking Terrorist Assets

Effective execution of policies directed at tracking terrorist assets demands cooperation between all parties. This is informed by the fact that money, besides radicalization narratives, can be considered as the lifeblood of terrorist organizations. The freezing of terrorist’s assets involves blocking all property and interests belonging to persons committing or posing a significant threat to citizens, national security, foreign policy, or economy. This paper seeks to address counterterrorism tracking terrorist assets.Terrorists utilize monetary resources in training, motivating, and indoctrinating individuals meant to carry out terrorist activities. In addition, monetary resources and associated assets are employed to procure arms and ammunition utilized in terrorist acts. Similarly, money is employed in establishing media and propaganda infrastructure. The most outstanding means by which money is utilized in financing terrorist activities include facilitating the movement of men, messages, and components and materials essential in accomplishing terrorist attacks. Asset tracking of terrorist finances is geared towards depriving terrorists of their primed funding.Counterterrorism efforts of tracking assets are directed at thwarting an individual, group, or state providing material support or resources to both domestic, as well as foreign terrorist organizations (Brzoska, 2011). One of the outstanding counterterrorism strategies includes spotlighting, tracking, and freezing terrorists’ finances. This calls for the sharing of key information between law enforcement and intelligence communities worldwide. The tracking of terrorist assets and subsequent freezing of the assets are directed at denying terrorists vital resource input essential to the planning and undertaking of their activities.One of the significant changes witnessed in terrorist financing includes transnationalization of terrorism activities. Though not new, the operation of terrorists across borders has gained prominence, especially after the end of the cold war era.

There is no children here

LaJoe had eight children who were not staying at home due to poverty. They indulged in different activities to provide for themselves. Lafeyette and Pharaoh lived in a society, which was hard for a child to survive leave alone accessing basic human wants. Children engaged in drug selling and carrying ammunitions, which endangered their moral life and development. Despite all these, the two boys managed to survive with perseverance and resilience. Later in the book, Author informs that Lafeyette faced law for a crime he did not participate. Contrary, Pharaoh’s life was smooth because of his obedience in law abiding. This book purposely depicts the hardships children bred in poor backgrounds face compared to those born in rich families. Life is a race and a few who abide the law vanquish as most end up in jail or lose their lives. Tranquil child development is a necessity for building a child’s future for instance the two boys grew in a society where crime is the order of the day. There are few playing grounds and they rely on federal assistance. It is significant for authorities to build a good environment for growth. Corruption was high in the slums for instance the story shows that Chicago Housing Authority employees embezzle funds intended to improve on the living conditions of projects. Good institutions aid to reduce child exposure to dysfunctional acts in society and help them acquire quality training for example, the story illustrates that Pharaoh excelled in school when he got a chance to study. Alex Kotlowitz took a long time span before producing the book there are no children here. Firstly, the author mirrors that American society has two parts, the bright side, and the dark side. Bright side comprises of families who have white- collar jobs and live in luxurious estates, and can access basic human wants without ease. Their standards of living are high, adequate infrastructure such as roads, drainage systems, and good water. Moreover, security is highly maintained, and their children go to high-class schools. Conversely, dark side of America consists of families, which struggles to acquire three meals a day. Standards of living are uncompromising while security is poor. Rivers family resides in the projects where life is survival for the fittest. Children lose their innocence as early as thirteen years. As a concerned human Alex spent three years with Pharaoh and his family trying to witness what really happens in the suburbs. Compilations in There Are No Children Here involved interviews, reflections, and discussions. The writer acquired information directly from the horse’s mouth therefore, the book is more of a reality than fiction. Alex derived the title of the book from LaJoe River’s comments that the society is so rotten that there are no children because they have seen a lot compared to adults. This topic however fully suits the story concerning the difficulties children encounter in daily life. Every wake of the day is gloom because children engaged in ferrying drug, hiding guns and more so, recruited in gang memberships. This is clearly exemplified by River family which has eight children whom none is successful in life, LaShawn the eldest sister engages in prostitution and drug deals, Terrence went to jail for participating in two robberies. The author

Effective Team and Performance

A team is composed of a group of people who work together to obtain a common goal. A team that is effective in nature has particular distinctive characteristics that enable the team members to work more productively and efficiently. Such a team develops a means of sharing roles of leadership and ways of sharing accountability for the products of their work. This shifts the emphasis from one particular individual to a number of various individuals in the team. An effective team will also develop a concrete work product and specified team purpose that the team members work to produce together (Smith 2010). The paper seeks to describe the overarching and recurring problems and how they would have been avoided as a result of what the team members could have done or should act next time to avoid problematic situations. The paper will also describe the key issues and the experiences of the team members in the seminar. In addition, the things that were learned in the seminar will also be highlighted in the paper.The assignment will be approached in such a way that the reflection will be done on the seminar activities such as the general information about the features of effective team performance, Belbin’s team roles on team cohesion, reflection on the emotional intelligence, and conflict and negotiation by team members. The alternative action on the recurring problems will then follow and finally what the group learned from the seminar and a brief conclusion. As mentioned before, an effective team develops active strategies of solving problems and open-ended meetings that go beyond deciding, discussing, and delegating what the team members should do. instead, they perform jointly their functions together. When possible and necessary, different individuals within a team will always set aside their personal work in order to help the other team members. Performance of a well functioning team has its foundation based not just on the ability of an individual member to have other group members influenced but is rather directly assessed via measuring the products of work of the team as a whole.

The Marketing Game

Marketing Game Report mainly focuses on: marketplace study, rivalry, approach, execution of marketing mix, sales budget and earning income. The challenges faced by this helps to enhance the Marketing Game repot. The Marketing Game provides exclusive learning benefits in contrast to any other learning methods such as understanding book and editorials, lectures, visitor lecturer, case study and appearance, etc. Speakeasy is a software company and the company adopts a computer-based simulation The Marketing Game to enhance knowledge. It is a lively method so it is like the majority of industry circumstances. Also, it highlights the requirement for integrative development on the basis of both qualitative as well as the quantitative study of the marketplace atmosphere.The product should be aimed at the basis of needs and wants as well as the Segmenting measurements of the customer. The main focuses of the market game are, Marketplace study, Rivalry, Strategy, Execute the promotion strategy, Financing and Earning Income. The Marketing Game is an aggressive market policy imitation that permits students an occasion that is appropriate for their market information in an enjoyable and interesting method. “The Marketing Game is applicable to all areas of Marketing and all levels because the game is not based on just one simulation.” (Mason Perreault 2001).Market analysis is an important part of the arrangement of the Marketing Game in Speakeasy. In the industry, Situation Analysis helps in analyzing the conditions of the industry. One of the important factors necessary to consider at the time analyzing the business environment is the estimation of rivals’ net donation. So, it will help to investigate the past plan to lead and assess placing and target sections. Customers, competitors, costs, trends, etc are some of the factors that are considered while performing the market analysis of the software industry. Market enlargement, technicalatmosphere, competitive atmosphere, etc. are some of the critical factors affecting the software industry.

Surveillance Security

A business continuity policy has been discussed. The cost of recommended items has been stated along with installation charges.The company, 1-Click Mobile Phones Ltd. which is a mobile phone mail-order sales and repairs company based in the West Midlands (United Kingdom), needs physical surveillance and information security to ensure the security of workforce, system devices and equipment, resources, documents and sensitive information stored on physical media (like hardware programs and networks) from damaging proceedings like unauthorized access, fire, espionage, burglary, theft, vandalism, accidental loss or intentional crime that could cause severe harm to an activity or to the whole company. The security of hardware has to be made sure along with the guarantee that the servers are running smoothly and have internet access.As 1-Click Mobile Phones Ltd. is setting up its fresh network, the workforce needs to take into account security threats that the network may face. Some of the major computer security threats the company may face include theft, fraud, backdoor, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, data flood, malicious code, document grinding, and enumeration. Employees need to know that frauds, like gaining access to computers that control access to important resources as inventory systems and financial accounts, are more likely to be attempted by authorized persons who are also referred to as insiders and the situation is called employee sabotage (Bogue 2003). Network security threats include malware, anti-DNS pinning, banner grabbing, backpacking, hacking, land attack, blue boxing and domain hijacking. The company’s physical security also deals with environmental threats that include fire, windstorms, rainstorms, snowstorms, torrents, tornados, lightning, roof leaks, very high or very low temperature, heavy dust, earthquakes and moisture which canharm the computer system or network at a very high level.

Treasure Island Journal

Jim’s father passes away during these chapters as well. Another character, a blind man comes looking for Billy Bones. He gives Billy a black spot which appears to be a secret pirate code. Jim is very fearful during these chapters. He is not only afraid for himself, but also for his mother. Though Jim is enthralled by the pirates he is also afraid of what they can do and at the end of chapter three he flees the Admiral Benbow with his mother. April 15, 2011 This entry will discuss chapters four through six. Jim and his mother decide to return to the inn. Billy Bones is now dead from a stroke. They take the key from around Billy’s neck and use it to open the sea chest where they find gold. Jim and his mother take some gold and a few papers before fleeing the inn for fear the pirates might return. Both of them manage to hide near the inn. Jim sees the pirates approaching, which included the blind man. It is revealed the blind man’s name is Pew. The pirates seem to be looking for something in particular and when they don’t find it they become violent and enraged. Pew is killed when he is run over outside the inn by men on horseback. Jim thinks that the papers he took from the sea chest may have been what the pirates were looking for. Jim brings the papers wrapped in oilskin to Dr. Livesey who is at Squire Trelawney’s house. … April 16, 2011 This entry explores chapters seven through twelve. Squire Trelawney is able to secure a ship and crew. The ship is called the Hispaniola. Squire Trelawney meets the character, Long John Silver in Bristol who assists him and asks to come along on the voyage as the ship’s cook. Squire Trelawney accepts. Jim comes to Bristol to meet up with Squire Trelawney and Long John Silver. Jim brings Tom Redruth along to be part of the ship’s crew. Jim meets Long John Silver at a tavern called the Spyglass. Jim seems to like Silver very much. Dr. Livesey meets Silver and likes him immediately as well. The character Black Dog appears again in the Spyglass, but leaves abruptly when he sees Silver. Also introduced in these chapters are the Captain Smollet and the first mate Mr. Arrow. Mr. Arrow disappears quite early on. It is not clear what exactly happened, but his drunken ways may be to blame. Job Anderson becomes the new first mate. Jim overhears an important conversation while hiding in an apple barrel one night. Silver talks about some of his adventures with the dead pirate Captain Flint. Jim now realizes that Silver and most of the crew members are pirates and are out for the rest of Flint’s treasure. Jim confides his new found information with Squire Trelawney and Captain Smollet. April 17, 2011 I have read chapters thirteen through fifteen and this is my account of it. The crew drops anchor and goes ashore but some remain behind. Jim and the other honest men try to reclaim the ship and figure out what to do about the pirates. Jim leaves his friends to go ashore with the pirates and then hides. The others on board the ships begin to arm themselves with weapons. So far Silver suspects nothing. Jim witnesses Silver killing one of his

Analysis of Business Ethics Readings

Business ethics requires the view of all business activities through the lens of the moral values to determine their acceptability in society. For smooth business operations, all business actors must understand various issues such as the personal aspects of the business including family, sex, marriage and friendship, individual rights, and the moral values ascribed by the society within which the business operates. “It’s Not My Problem”: The Concept of Responsibility (Chapter 8) The concept of responsibility is applied in business in different ways in which every actor in the business world has a role to play. The different forms of responsibilities in the business field include consumer responsibility, corporate responsibility, and shareholder responsibility. The view of these responsibilities through the business ethics lens converts them into moral responsibilities and prima facie obligations. In this case, all business actors are obliged to ensure fulfillment of such responsibilities in orders for the business undertakings to have constructive ends or positive impact on the society. Lange and Washburn (2012) have explored the meaning irresponsible behavior in the business world to divert attention from what corporate social responsibility implies, to what business actors do that is against the expectation of responsible behavior. The information covered by the two authors closely relates to information covered in this chapter in which much emphasis has been put on the different responsibilities and the misunderstanding of the responsibility concept in business. According to Lange and Washburn (2012), business responsibility is deeply rooted in the external expectations and the perception of the people experiencing the business activities. The survival and success of a business organization or venture greatly depend on the widespread external perception as to whether the organization acts in a socially responsible manner and the ability to meet external expectations. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the responsibility concept in business does not imply going against self-interests in the business venture but the need to strike a balance between self-interests and societal interests. The greatest dilemma in business ethics revolves around the conflict of responsibilities, where an individual’s power may be limited by external expectations or responsibilities. Social Responsibility and the Stakeholder (Chapter 9) Social responsibility in the business world refers to the different roles that businesses and actors in the business world have by virtue of operating within the society. The concept of corporate social responsibility encompasses the social concerns of stakeholders and the economic interests of business owners and shareholders. The corporate world and the society directly depend on each other, where the society cannot function in absence of economic and social roles of corporations while at the same time corporations cannot exist without the society. The stakeholder approach in business social responsibilities ensures that business owners commit to serving broader interests, in addition to the business economic and financial interests. Business organizations and other business actors have a duty to their stockholders as well as the society within which the business activities take place.