Is Dysfunctional Communication Harmful

And the colleague’s actual behaviour was very contrast to what he was stating. His wife had a very good job and she was earning more than he. All the ladies from our organization would cross-question him why he was then allowing his wife to work and why he didn’t keep her at home. His behaviour in the workplace was similar to whatever he would say. He used to neglect the ladies deliberately or tried his best to show them inferior. Such a dysfunctional attitude of males is there in most of the traditional male-dominated families. It is necessary to know what is dysfunctional communication before discussing this issue. Dysfunctional communication is defined as “a communication that results from inaccurate perceptions, faulty internal filters (personal interpretations of information), and social isolation. Communication behaviours of emotionally ill persons may have characteristics that prevent their establishing and maintaining relationships with others.” (Free dictionary by Farlex)This dysfunctional attitude is seen everywhere. Even if a lady overtakes the man on the road while driving, some men think it as an insult. This attitude is the manifestation of their male ego and the tendency to think a woman as an inferior. The women have to face male ego while in her house or while at her workplace that her male colleagues always try to damage her confidence by suppressing her. This male approach is particularly known as the dysfunctional approach. In such communication men generally tend towards ignoring woman’s existence deliberately. Through their behaviour they constantly make the woman feel that you are unimportant and as a man, I am the superior person and he expects that the woman should always be below him. In the family also the same thing happens, especially in the typical stereotype family. Here the male partner is more dominating. “The wife’s role is seen to be of less significance and therefore she is viewed as having less personal value.”