Issues That May Rise Up Due to Excessive Alcohol Consumption

The Bible acknowledges that wine can make the heart merry or can enhance the taste of a meal. In addition to this, a cocktail, wine, or beer can relax you and temporarily relieve anxiety, raise your spirits, and make you a more sociable companion. It may even offer some protection from a heart attack.If misused, alcohol creates serious problems ranging from run-ins with parents, teachers, and police to premature death. For instance, drinking at the parties can create environments that foster dangerous, develop risk-taking behaviors such as binge drinking, sexual assault, and unprotected and unplanned sex, to list just a few. According to A Practical Guide to Preventing and Dispersing Underage Drinking Parties “Binge drinking, defined as consuming five or more drinks in a row, is known to be associated with increased risk for a number of problems including driving under the influence fighting, truancy, and involvement in criminal activities such as theft, burglary, andassault”. It is important, then, to make a responsible decision about drinking. But even small amounts of alcohol slow the reflexes, so it is unwise to drive a car after even moderate drinking. And it is loaded with calories, so it is not very compatible if you have a weight problem. The Bible does not condemn the moderate use of alcoholic beverages, but it does condemn drunkenness. (Proverbs 23:20, 21. 1 Corinthians 6:9, 10. 1 Timothy 5:23. Titus 2:2, 3) Alcoholism, though, is more than drunkenness. it is a chronic preoccupation with alcoholic drinks and a loss of control over their consumption. Alcoholics can be adults. Sadly, they can also be youths.Along with the enjoyment of food goes the enjoyment of the drink. When used in moderation, this can properly include alcoholic beverages. In many countries, the consumption of such alcoholic beverages is on the rise.Let’s follow your cocktail as it travels through the body. It does not tarry long in an empty stomach, and in the intestines, the alcohol quickly passes into the bloodstream. The blood carries it to the liver, where it is broken down and excreted, thus removing it from the bloodstream. In this way, the liver can handle in an hour the alcohol in one cocktail, one glass of wine, or one can of beer.