Key Ingredients that Helped to Become a Successful Leader

The fledgling real estate you are struggling to build now has become highly successful. Our firm now constructs space-age structures, green buildings all over the world and there are more than 5000 employees. This letter will explain some important points about my struggle and will speak about the kind of person I have become. It will also explain the steps I took, the barriers and challenges I faced and the manner in which I became so successful. Key ingredients that helped me to become this highly successful leader: Along the years, I have developed some important skills of leadership and I want to share them with you. Being a leader is not just being a boss and having employees but winning their trust and faith. Some of the key ingredients that helped me to become a good leader are listed below. Vision and planning: One of the best and most important ingredients is that a leader should be a visionary and a planner. Being a visionary means that the leader should be able to look into the future while considering the present challenges and visualize future scenarios. Being a visionary is different from having visions and daydreams. A visionary is able to recognize the patterns of the present and make realistic impressions of what the future holds. Having daydreams means having unrealistic dreams and fantasies of what the future holds.When the vision is relayed to the followers, they know what they can look forward to so that they can bear the hardships of the present, better. I was lucky in having a dedicated and loyal team of followers who accepted my vision for our company just when it was being started. I envisioned the future as a place where there would be scarcity of land, fuel and where vertical growth in buildings was the only solution to meet the needs of the exploding population and where green buildings were the solution. With these visions as the targets, I drew up plans for green structures, renewable buildings that were sustainable and where waste is recycled and nothing is thrown away. The barrier of the one-kilometer height of buildings has long been surpassed and our company constructs buildings that are five kilometers tall. We are the pioneers and leaders in this field and my loyal team of employees, some of who have been with me for the past 20 years are my true strengths. Technical skills: A leader must lead by example and to command respect he must have optimum technical skills. This helps to provide the right direction for strategy, helps to evaluate technologies and decide on what is the best. A leader who does not have adequate technical skills in a construction firm will become the subject of ridicule and employees will take advantage of the ignorance. It is also important that the leader should keep pace with the trends and development so that new technologies can be included in the plans. I realized the importance of having adequate technical skills and hence enrolled for a night college for a degree in Architecture and civil engineering. When I joined the course, I had very little money and attending the night college after a full day’s hard work at a construction site was very tiring. Many times, I thought ofdropping out of the course but an inner resolve made me wear the hardships and complete the degree.