Language and Culture A Thorough Analysis

Language could be a set of meanings for particular things and conditions present in a culture and society.Arbitrary or not, is language really important? The very thing that must be understood is that language is indeed important and it is arbitrary. There are three conditions why it is important and arbitrary. First is that language gives an individual to express his or her thoughts accordingly. Second, language is the way to identify the meanings of things present around us. The third is that language is an identifier of cultural roots and traditions. How do these three conditions affect and relate to the arbitrariness of the language?Language is arbitrary since it is a means for expression and a tool for communication. Even if the language has a systematic approach, it is still cannot be denied that there are limitations about this systematic condition of the language which makes it arbitrary. The set of the language used by people as a means of expression may be systematic in terms of the verbal representation due to the inherent meanings present in it like anger, love, happiness, and the like. However, the already embedded systematic meaning in these words used in a language becomes subjective since there are other factors of language as a communicative tool like the non-verbal forms that can change or distort the meaning associated with a word in a particular language. Therefore, the arbitrariness or the subjectivity of the language is present in the way it is used on the individual level.Second is that language is used to identify the meaning of things present around us. This is actually related to semiotics wherein there are present meanings in the way something is visually presented. In semiotics, language is indeed associated especially in the arts since there is a different language conveyed in different works of art especially in film and photography. At the same time, the meaning in a language is not just confined to the word being used to describe something in relation to semiotics. rather, the meaning is indeed very subjective since semiotics spans different interpretations across different individuals and cultures.