Legacy of Chiles Dictatorship on Contemporary Chilean Society

The legacy of Chilean dictatorship under the military regime of Augusto Pinochet during 1973-1990 clearly asserted the fact that dictatorship is a socio-politico-economic evil and it can germinate in any society, at any point of time unless people learn to respect rights, the value of life and liberty of their fellow human beings.The dictatorial reign of Augusto Pinochet from 1973 to 1990 is characterized by typical dictatorial traits of governance. Starting from 11th September 1973 to 11th March 1990, almost for a period of sixteen and a half years, Chile witnessed abundant abuse of human rights, murder, torture on women and genocide (Barros 1). The transition of the Chilean system of governance from autocracy to democracy was surely a remarkable incident in the domain of political history of the nation. However, the effect of Pinochet’s sixteen and half years of the dictatorial reign was quite far-fetching different dimensions of socio-cultural existence of Chile clearly bear evidence of the experience that people of this country encountered during the reign of dictatorship.The shift of Chilean governance from democratic to the autocratic structure is not an isolated process. rather there are several associated aspects that played helped in the germination of autocratic rule. Internal political turmoil, increasing demand for the reformation of the existing structure and democratic government’s failure to satisfy the needs of people, the dependence of Chilean government on the United States to initiate the reformation process and Cold War are the most important issues that finally led to the collapse of democratic structure. In this context, receiving an overview of the political situation of the nation from 1958 to 1973 becomes important. During this phase demand for reformation was creating pressure on the contemporary Alessandri government, which did not have sufficient financial capacity to execute reform policies and automatically had to depend on the United States financial assistance tomaterialize the plan.