Lets Talk About Sex Baby

One of these may be mental and emotional anguish that affects a person’s overall health.A need for a health promotion program for the youth is a necessary step in ensuring their health regardless of their concerns. Establishing a support group for a certain issue of concern would be highly beneficial to the growth and development of adolescents.A good health program takes into account all dimensions of a person’s development. Ewles Simnett (2004) summarize the various aspects needed to be addressed in health promotion. It should include the physical or how the body functions. mental or how the person thinks and makes judgments. social or how one maintains relationships. emotional or how a person manages his emotions and how he expresses it appropriately. spiritual or a person’s religious and personal beliefs, principles and ways of being at peace with oneself. sexual or the acceptance of and ability to achieve a satisfactory expression of one’s sexuality. societal or how a person relates to his society in terms of shelter, peace, food, income and his own contribution to society and finally, environmental or his physical environment which includes his housing, transport, sanitation, availability of clean water, pollution control (Ewles Simnett, 2004).An essential approach to health promotion for the youth should include education and empowerment especially if the issues affect their self-esteem. One concern that may severely affect a young person’s overall development is engaging in pre-marital sex and a young woman’s teenage pregnancy.Times have changed in terms of upholding values of chastity. Nowadays, engaging in sexual behavior has become more commonplace with adolescents and young adults. Such a change in values may be caused by media, which highlights sexually promiscuous personalities and eccentric sexual behavior for the youth to model unconsciously.