Management of service quality issue

The valet parking service is generally provided by establishments such as hotels, restaurants, big business houses, malls and theatres. In the current research, various advantages and issues of valet parking with respect to the Address hotel has been discussed. The Address hotel is one of the well known and favourite destinations in Dubai. The hotel expects to increase its overall service quality and enhance customer satisfaction through better management of valet parking services. In order to identify the major problems in valet parking service quality, fishbone analysis and Pareto analysis tool have been used. Analysis of these two theories has revealed that there are six major problems which results in customer dissatisfaction and overall damage of the hotel’s brand image. After identification of these exact problems, various possible recommendations were suggested. Valet parking is convenient as well as affordable to the customers. In majority of cases, valet parking is very cheap and affordable. Valet parking helps in improving the overall experience of the customer. The customers are able to start their experience with a pleasurable parking service facility. Introduction Valet parking is a common parking service provided by some stores, businesses and restaurants. The tradition was initiated in North America and then had spread to other parts of the globe such as Europe, Australia and Middle-east (Clarke and Chen, 2012). While self-parking customers need to find a parking place by themselves, in Valet parking the vehicles of customers are parked by an individual known as Valet. This kind of service either requires some charges to be paid by the car owner or it can be free of charge by the business or establishment. The major advantage of valet parking is that it is convenient. Customers need not walk distant places especially when they are carrying heavy things with them. A lot of handicapped customers rely on valet parking services as they cannot walk to the destination from a distant parking space. Valet parking is also convenient during bad weather conditions. In most of the high profile hotels and restaurants, valets are knowledgeable and professionals who are able to drive and place every model in their perfect places. It is also a method of saving space compared to normal street parking. The various venues where valet parking is currently used are single events, bar or restaurant locations, crowded settings, hotel locations, casinos, malls and airports (Kotler and Keller, 2006). Most individuals who provide valet parking services usually fall in the age group of 18-28. However, attendants as old as 60 can also be found working in this valet service. Turnover is quiet high for these services. Valet parking also includes certain types of equipments for example, valet podiums where vehicles are handed over to the valet, key boxes used for protecting and storing the keys and valet tickets to keep a check on the different vehicles. In some urban areas and exceptional places, valet parking services are also provided for bikes. The purpose of the current project is to investigate and research the management of valet parking service. The project will throw light on how the service is being provided in five star hotels and how it is affecting the overall performance of these hotels. The organization taken for the project is Address hotel in Dubai. The Address hotel in Dubai is one of the well known hotel destinations. It is near by the sea shore and is situated in Dubai