Managerial Exam Solutions

In a bureaucratic structure, the project manager manages the evolution of change in the structure. In a matrix structure, the project manager shares roles and responsibilities with several functional managers. In a cluster organization, the project manager shares roles and responsibilities with functional teams in place of managers and in a network organization the project manager coordinates and controls the external functions.1. b) The traditional management approach is coming under increasing pressure in this modern competitive environment and as a result, organisations are finding it difficult to meet the demands of the changing marketplace. Discuss this by giving examples from your own organisation and suggest how they might improve their ability to succeed in this environment. (15 marks)The traditional management approach relies on a bureaucratic structure, which is suitable for an environment that is stable with a high degree of certainty and predictability. The modern market environment calls for a looser or organic system more suited to for an uncertain and unpredictable environment. Yet, the transition is not necessarily drastic but marked by a gradual progress in a step by step process as happened in my organisation, where the initial step was to a functional organization that culminated in a cluster organization.All systems generate feedback, which can be used to control outputs or objectives from a system. Feedback can be considered as information that the processing system generates. This information can be used as feedback input in the process to control to guide the system behaviour and thereby maintaining control on the output of the processing system.The systems approach accomplishes things through the conversion of inputs into outputs. The inputs are resources and raw materials that are put into the system to arrive at the output or the end result of the system for which the system is created.In my construction based on the project involved skills and manpower are used as the resources along with the required raw materials for the effective and timely completion of the project, which is the output.