Managing Challenge and Change in Tourism

The development of the hotel industry brings with it a certain number of issues as well as limitations. Then again there are some strong aspects that need to be touched upon in the related discussion as well. (MICHMAN, 1995) However what is more significant at this stage is to appraise one and all of the developments that have happened in the hotel industry over a specified period of time, one which has seen progress happening at the grassroots levels and small hotels turning into hotel chains on a global level and even exceeding far beyond. The last statement might just look a bit too much but then again there have been some future undertakings of constructing different hotels on the moon, beneath the sea level and on Mars as well. (BOSTON, 2001)The biggest and the tallest hotels in the world have facilities matching none other. They seem to have everything within their folds. There are still the categories of five stars, seven-star and so on tagged with them but the amount of amenities and services that these hotels offer is something to write home about. There are the usual services which are provided and which come along as part and parcel of the service pack but then there are certain things which are least expected of a hotel and the same are provided by these hotels which indeed is one of a positive aspect if we look at things that way. (CONTRACTOR, 1998) The personalized (customized) form of messaging and interaction with each and every customer, no matter he/she is a new one or a repeat customer is something that comes from deep research into the likes and wants of the customers. The internal databases of these hotels must be congratulated for the ease of understanding their clientele and a lot can be written on the subject of technology which seems to be attached with the customized preferences ofcustomers worldwide.