Managing Organisational Diversity

I feel so about this manager, as he is able to follow and be Aware, Understand, Action, and feedback. This forms the Diversity competency model and all of these are clear in the functioning of my manager.The manager at my job is one who portrays his understanding of the fact that diversity in a place would mean various different behaviors and group outcomes. He is aware of this fact and he uses this as a base to understand why the performance in the group is different due to the diversity and he identifies the exclusionary factors the affect for the group as a whole. He uses this knowledge and understanding to be able to adapt to the diversity among the groups and also within the groups and takes actions based only on this. He takes a number of decisions each day and these always are based on managing the diversity among the group. Hence with each day, he learns from the consequences of his actions and he uses these as the awareness while working on the next process, issue. This highlights his knowledge, awareness, actions, and feedback that he follows to develop and improve his management of diversity.As has been discussed above the four main factors that affect the competency of the leaders in terms of diversity are Awareness, Understanding, Action, and Feedback. These form the basis of any manager or team leader to be able to provide better management of the organization.Awareness requires the leaders to have a better knowledge of the people around him and where each person comes from. Also along with the basics of awareness, it is essential that they have a strong understanding of how people from different cultures differ and an idea of the various cultures will prove to be very beneficial for the leaders as well. Also, it is essential that the leaders take on steps to ensure that the people from different cultures and countries are given a chance to be a part of the organization based on their skills and qualifications, irrespective of their cultural background or even other elements. Using this as an option the leaders can then gain feedback and try and improve the number of diverse employees in the organization.