Marketing Communications Done by Toyota and Subaru

(Australian Government, 2006) Most of these vehicles were manufactured by Toyota with 22.2% of the market share. Being the last on the list, Subaru was able to capture only 3.9% of the market share. (See Table I – Total Market Share in Australian Automobile Industry on the page )For this study, the researcher will first discuss the main purpose of marketing communication. In order to determine external factors that contribute to the success of Toyota Land Cruiser over Subaru Forester, the researcher will examine and discuss the marketing communication campaign used by both companies between the years 2007 up to the present time. In the process of discussing the marketing communication strategies used by these companies, the researcher will make some critiques with regards to the method each company has decided to use in terms of: (1) setting its marketing communication objectives. (2) creative strategies and tactics used in terms of reaching to its target customers. and (3) the market positioning. Prior to the conclusion, the researcher will provide some recommendations on how both companies could improve their communication campaign.Aiming to reach out to a company’s target market, marketing communication or ‘Marcom’ is used to communicate the marketing information of a product to the public. With the purpose of developing brand awareness and create a bigger demand for specific product and services (Percy Rossiter, 1992), automobile companies such as Toyota and Subaru have been utilizing the available marketing communication mix or promotion such as online, print or television advertisement, sales promotion, or direct mail as a way of reaching out for its target buyers. (Kotler Armstrong, 1997: 428. Pride Ferrell, 1993: 485)Marketing communication strategies used in the past may not be effective today because of the tight marketing competition that is present within the domestic and international markets. (Magani, 2006)