Marketing Opportunities at Rooneys Bed and Breakfast

Both owners have been accustomed to meeting and greeting the public on a formal level. The couples’ middle-aged daughter helps with the cleaning and is able to speak and understand English, French, and Spanish. An immediate opportunity, therefore, arises for the couple to use their daughter’s expertise to translate the different languages of their potential clients. The daughter’s husband can also be relied on for the transportation of guests when there are too many for the couple to transport. As a retired couple, it is difficult to get them to take risks and to diversify their company. However, one major area of opportunity involves diversifying their product from strictly a bed and breakfast to supplying specialty breakfasts and a massage room or conference room facilities.Rooney’s Bed and Breakfast are located in a two-story building resting on a large expanse of grassy land. The home comprises four bedrooms (two to be used by the guests and two for the family’s use), two bathrooms (one to be used by the guests and one for the family’s use), one kitchen, two living room areas, a sitting room or television room and a patio. One of the two rooms which are allotted for use by guests can accommodate two guests and the other room can accommodate a family of four. The bathroom facilities are shared amongst the guests.The present price of the accommodation is £25 for single occupancy and £45 for a couple. This price includes breakfast as well as a complimentary drink on entry to the home. Transportation and dinner are available on request.This organization is unique mainly because of the outgoing personality of the owners. They have an incredible ability to make everyone feel like family. They are always willing to go the extra mile to provide their guests with the best information available. Their service is beyond reproach for the customer is allowed to participate in the daily activities of the family if they so desire or to remain by themselves for the entire stay.