Modeling Spatial Economic Impacts of an Earthquake

This website discusses the Hazard US model for estimating the various impacts of the earthquake including the economic impact of the same. This model is a unique model as it can allow estimating the impact if an earthquake happens in the future including assessing the structural damage that can happen as a result of an earthquake. Tarbuck, Edward J, and Frederick K. Lutgens. Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology. Prentice-Hall: New Jersey, 1996.This book basically discusses the scientific analysis of the earthquakes from the geological point of view and attempt to outline the various scientific tools and methods available that can be utilized to study the various impacts of earthquakes on the society. Discussing purely from the point of geology, this book also narrates the various economic implications of the earthquake on the society. This book also discusses the historical perspectives of the earthquakes and their overall impacts on the society as and when such large catastrophic events took place.Brunious, Courtney and Amanda Warner. Earthquakes and Society. 2009. 10 March 2010 lt. webpage discusses very thoroughly the various scientific basis of the earthquake, how happens and what are the different internal processes that actually happen within the crust of the earthquake to cause the damage. This webpage also discusses the societal impact of earthquakes including discussing how society and individuals perceive the earthquakes and its dynamic impacts on society.Berlin, Lennis G. Earthquakes and the Urban Environment. vol I. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 1980.This study outlines the overall preparedness of the society in the wake of an earthquake by studying the San Francisco earthquake. The results of this survey indicate that the overall preparedness of the individuals is at its minimum and authorities need to create a strong awareness regarding the potential impacts of the earthquake on the society and what should be the role of various stakeholders to overcome the after-effects of any such catastrophic event.