My Role Model Example

I wish to share my success story with you. My father is an immigrant that relocated to the United States to start the new page in his life. Being a knowledgeable person, he has achieved success working 10 hours per day and saving money to start his own business. Despite all these issues, he has become a caring father and a loving husband. He is the father I admire to build my own role modeling of a successful personality that can cook food for his family despite working hard at his workplace. My father is proficient and knowledgeable in all things he can achieve on his own. He even can repair electrical devices throughout our home, so we respect his good care about every detail. Being a very productive person at work, my father does everything possible to cook the portion of the Chinese, Japanese, or Thai food, trying hard to serve delicious things for his family. My father gets up at 5’oclock every day to do physical exercises, so I admire his strong and young body that he keeps in good condition. Being our father and husband in our family, he has been trying hard to contribute to the overall rate of high comfort for every person in our home. We respect and admire our father because he brings love and care to our house, and I will try to follow this role modeling in relationships with my future family members: my spouse and my kids. The way my father cooks food and does his own business is a good start to make my living. I respect my father doing simple things that make my life more comfortable and prosperous.Of course, every person may face problems when studying at school or making their own business. In my life, my father has become a knowledgeable person that tried to resolve every issue, suggesting successful decisions for further progress and development. Staying away from troubles is impossible when you grow professionally. I remember well how my father helped me to solve problems in Math when I was preparing for the competition. I got my first achievement that day that helped me to stay motivated and inspired by building lifelong decisions on my future career. He is a knowledgeable and open-minded person that contributes to my moral growth and rise as a successful person. I hope that my father will be helpful to me in all my hardness to reach better outcomes out of my daily activities. I rely on him as a primary advisor that saves my time for keeping and taking the progressive decisions.Every issue I achieve and follow is because my father was beside me when I felt it difficult to solve some problems on the way of becoming a stronger and more competent personality. I am thankful to him and my whole family that they supported me very much right at that time when I needed this the most. Inspirationally, I am who I am because my family has always been supporting me when making important decisions in my education, career, and standing on my own. My role model example is a good sample of the way and progress that I will pass to my children.