Negotiation Plan for Interview with the Mayor of Boston

The setting is perfect. In the calm, pure waters of a lake, someone with vested interests wishes to throw a stone to create ripples. The mayor of Boston has no issue as such yet he wishes to create an issue about the lesser representation of women in the hiring committee of Central Medical Centre headed by Mr. Jonathan Brown. The person, who is bent upon raking it, seems to have some hidden agenda. When a politician raises an issue, it is done mostly with a motivated desire. In the present case, the Mayor of Boston is aware of the impeccable track record and the excellent reputation the hospital enjoys under the leadership of Mr. Jonathan Brown, and he, therefore, is not interested in joining issues with him publicly. He desires that the deliberations be kept absolutely confidential. The hiring policy as envisaged and implemented by Mr. Brown is ideal as per his philosophy but he is out of step with the demands of the time. Mr. Brown’s convictions are right according to him, he has given a sterling medical institution to the public, he is taking care of his staff well, he has no trade union problems, the salaries and perquisites which his staff is paid is significantly higher than what is prevalent in the industry, he treats the staff very well and they adore him as a noble person, and the single point agenda of the Mayor of Boston is proportional representation of the female doctors in the hiring committee.- What kind of negotiator is on the other side?The negotiator on the other side is a politician, the Mayor of the city of Boston. Building one’s own power castle is the primary agenda of a politician, there could be rarest of the rare exceptions. By showing his concern for empowering women, he is playing to the gallery. The women employees of the hospital are happy with the administration of Mr. Brown and they are treated very well and get one of the best pay packets in the industry. The negotiator must be having some political compulsions and his desire to discuss the issue with Mr. Brown in confidence indicates that his intentions are not totally insincere. He feels that it is a policy issue and as the Mayor of the city, it is his duty to set right the things.- What are your interests?My interests are simple and straightforward. I have been pursuing this policy successfully for the past 35 years. I have no grudge against the womenfolk, absolutely nothing! What I pursue is the principles of the science of ergonomics—finding proper individuals for the proper assignments. I am convinced that women make good nurses, temperamentally they are suitable for that post, and I also believe that they make good doctors as well. But there are real problems in summoning them to the hospitals in case of emergencies, as women have the primary responsibilities at home. In the overall scheme of administration as envisaged by me, I do not intend to offer them the position of doctors.- What are your counterpart’s interests?His concern for the welfare and rights of women seems to be superficial in the present case. He is just counting his votes, and by raising a women-related issue, he is appealing to their emotions with the ultimate aim of converting the sympathy wave into votes. He is visualizing a formidable vote-bank in women and he is planning to turn the tide in his favor. But he is also aware of raking the issues against a reputed hospital, where the presence of the women in the hiring committee is about 16%.