Wrist Watch with Music

Organizations are faced with high intensity of competition within the industry and also from new entrants. There is even competition from the outside players as well. Every business has to innovate to stay ahead in the competitive market. No business can afford to offer the same unchanged product. This will lead to a decrease in sale and profits reduced. Hence new product development has become an indispensable strategy for any organization in order to build a competitive advantage and carry out its operations effectively in the market place. The advancement in information and communication technology computes etc., is influencing almost all aspects of the business world, from networking to marketing, research, and development. Understanding and effectively utilizing the advancements in this technology are vital for any business if they aspire to continuously grow their business and attract new customers and clients. Technology is transforming the core of innovation. With the help of technology, companies can now test new ideas with unimaginable speed and minimum prices. Online resources help a company to test market its product or service after the initial development, to assess or evaluate the viability of the product and make necessary changes according to customer feedback. Technological advancements have helped companies to launch their innovative initiatives within no time and with least amount they have ever imagined. As information technology becomes cheaper and available to the public at large, the competition for continuously growing and developing innovative products and services for the customers is becoming a necessity for companies to thrive. This makes continuous use of advancement in information technology very crucial for companies for constant innovation and growth in the market. There are various ways by which market can be segmented such as demographic segmentation, geographic segmentation, psychographic and behavioral segmentation (Pride, Hughes Kapoor, 2011, p.343). The present generation of young people is tech-savvy. This generation wants quick solutions for everything, starting from their daily requirements, likes and preferences mean of pleasure, etc. Customers look for products with multiples features or products and devices which are multi-tasking. Considering the present trend of consumers, two products can be targeted. A wristwatch is a common accessory today, which is not only used as a time tracker but has become a status symbol, owing to the continuous developments in the design and features. People, especially college students and young working professionals also carry with them music players such as iPod and other music devices. These people are music lovers and like to listen to music during their free hours such as traveling and lunch and also sometimes during work. Sometimes it becomes tedious to take iPods or music players everywhere they go. They also forget to carry it sometimes, as it is not a regular accessory like a wristwatch. Looking at this opportunity the new product which has been planned to develop and launch in the market will be an innovative wristwatch with an embedded music system or music player in it. The music system will be equipped with wireless Bluetooth. The watch will work as a touch screen for changing songs and folders.

The Systematic Design of Instruction

Social networking will have an impact on the design of effective instruction as both learners and instructors will collaborate with one another using the social media to learn and teach more about particular subjects, test out theories and ideas, learn actualities, and determine each other’s views. Both learners and instructors will be able to find each other on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook, kid-specific networking sites, and school sites. In addition, sites such as Twitter and Facebook will continue to be influential in both K-12 and higher education. Also, social networking will be influential as instructors will be sure of grabbing students’ attention through various social media sites. Social networking will also play a part in the design of effective instruction as it essentially promotes engagement and collaboration between learners and instructors, learners and learners, and instructors and instructors (Morrison, Ross Kemp, 2004). This will also be essential to instructors who will be attempting to establish ways of involving every learner in subjects that are personally engaging. Media Both visual and audio media will have an impact on designing effective instruction. Creating media is another technological trend meant to design efficient instruction. Media saturates our existence, and the better able learners are to create and communicate with media, the more connected they will be to worldwide occurrences (Morrison, Ross, Kemp Kalman, 2010). Therefore, programs such as Adobe Youth Voices will teach learners how to edit and make films and connect them to makers of documentary films, and Digital Youth Network will teach students how to record music and create videos and podcasts. Pencils, pens, and books are almost becoming outdated, therefore, developing other interactive tools will help grab the attention of the learners and play a part in influencing the design of effective instruction. School programs should be built around teaching how to develop video games o as to influence the design of effective instruction. Instructors will have to use components such as Google maps for teaching literature, LiveMocha and ePals to study international languages with native speakers, Voki to develop avatars of characters in tales, VoiceThread to communicate, and also augmented actuality, connecting learners to virtual characters. The media will influence the design of effective instruction when instructors thread media-making components into the school program with free tools, for example, Microsoft Photo Story 3 for slide shows, comic strip-creation site ToonDo, VoiceThread and Microsoft Movie Maker to string together documents, videos, and images, and SoundSlides for audio slide shows. In addition, learners in college and high school will start using digital portfolios to illustrate the course of their work on websites that connect their work on achievements, and course of study, using web pages, photos, spreadsheets, and graphics (Reiser, Dempsey, 2007). Online Resources Online resources will also influence the design of effective instruction. Conventionally, in a teacher-centered classroom, teachers manage the instructionbecause they possess a monopoly on information. An online instruction with instantaneous access to a wide array of information and data will make learners to no longer be dependent entirely on faculty for knowledge. Instructors may utilize online resources in a number of ways (Dick, Carey Carey, 2005). Instructors have established that in modifying their educational programs to online models, they will be paying extra attention to the instructional design of their courses.

External Environmental Analysis of the Coffee Industry

Schwartz (2004) has rightly pointed out that in previous occasions, companies establish a marketing plan on the basis of its allocated budget but now companies decide marketing plan on the basis of its strategic objectives. Schwartz (2004) has also pointed out that modern marketers are emphasizing more on customer satisfaction and customizing the product offering as part of a marketing plan. Sheth and Sisodia (2006) have also pointed out that changing pattern of marketing planning includes the marketer’s willingness to incorporate psychological, economic and informational shift of customers as an integrated element of market planning. Pret A Manger (2013b) has reported that it earns annual revenue of 380 million pounds from its global business operation, and the company has reported that it has sufficient liquid asset to finance its strategic decisions. For example, recently Pret A Manger had struck a deal with by investing more than 1 million pounds with Vitrue which is a social media management platform in order to target local youngsters who frequently use social networking sites (NMA Staff, 2012). Digital marketing strategy of the company has also helped them to achieve $280,000 increased in store operational revenue. Such examples are showing that Pret A Manger has sufficient capabilities in order to implement a new marketing plan which can be recalibrated in accordance with the customer demand. “Examine the marketing environment and analyze the internal factors and external factors (such as PEST) assessing the strengths/weaknesses and opportunities/threats in order to conduct a marketing audit” Ans.1b- As the UK is the major business interest for Pret A Manger hence the researcher has decided to conduct a strategic audit of the coffee business of the company in context to the UK business environment. Let’s try to shed light the coffee industry of UK in order to understand why companies including both restaurants like Starbucks, Pret A Manger, etc and retail sellers like Nestle and Green Mountain, etc are changing their marketing plan to cater to the demand of Britons. Market Value Market Value Forecast Market Volume Market Volume Forecast Market Share More than $2,500 million with a growth rate of 4.8%. The sales volume coffee selling through retail channels and franchisee based restaurants will touch $3,000 million within the next three years. 140.7 million kg with a growth rate of 0.7%. The market volume will touch 150 million kg mark within the next couple of years. Tata Global Beverages Limited and Starbucks are the market leader with a consolidated market share of more than 29%. (Marketline, 2012a) It is evident from the above statistics that there is ample opportunity exist for Pret A Manger in order to penetrate more in UK coffee industry but they need to create a sustainable marketing plan to achieve a niche position. Now, the researcher will try to understand the business environment for Pret A Manger by considering both internal and external factors. PEST will be used to external environment analysis and Porter Five force will use for internal market audit.It is evident from the above analysis that there is plenty of opportunities exists for Pret A Manger to expand its business portfolio in the UK but the company needs to understand its internal business factors in terms of SWOT analysis in order to prepare a formidable marketing plan.

Successes of Asos

This case study report identifies what drives successes at the retailer ASOS with a focus on marketing, consumer research and knowledge, and stakeholder relationships.ASOS recognizes the importance of marketing and building a positive brand image in its customer audiences. The 16-34-year-old market group is one which is not burdened, largely, with complicated lifestyle obligations such as the high mortgage payment, therefore this group often has more disposable income than others. From the very basic levels of strategic planning, ASOS recognizes the demographic and psychographic trends of its best, potential client group and then seeks fashion offerings that fit these lifestyle trends. Rodoplu (2008) describes psychographic segmentation as the process of identifying with specific lifestyle needs of buyers in order to gain a marketing connection with customers. The 16-34-year-old target group is drawn by more visual elements and celebrity endorsement, therefore the images used on the company’s website are of trendy, youthful-looking models and actors which appeals to this lifestyle need in the youth group. At the strategic level, ASOS recognizes the importance of fully understanding the lifestyle priorities of youth buyers and attempts to highlight all of its online fashion merchandise with flair, vanity, and another youth-oriented appeal. Other retailers that do not understand their clients at the lifestyle level, through psychographic research and segmentation, are trailing behind ASOS because strategic knowledge about buyer groups is not being achieved or fulfilled.ASOS also recognizes that this youth group is drawn to social networking sites, brought on by the rise of PC ownership both in the UK and abroad and the lure of social connection for this market group. ASOS is on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace.com and Bebo, with this presence clearly advertised on the company’s home page (asos.com, 2009).

How Do Digital Media Affect Reasoning on Important Social Issues

Digital media has affected the reasoning on significant social issues. thus contributing to increased violence and unethical behaviors. Many teenagers spend most of their time in social media such as televisions or play video games on computers. This has contributed to increased violence because some video games are dangerous to teenagers. thus, they contribute to violence behaviors in the society. Other develops unethical behaviors especially bad sexual behaviors due to watching pornography or love movies. Other unethical behaviors may include smoking, and use of drugs because teens want to gain adequate energy to continue surfing or chatting with their friends. Digital media has contributed to increased health issues such as stress and poor health relationships. Poor health relationship in this case results due to relationship made through social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and many others, which leads to stress and loneliness. Stress may result in case one partner may break up with their partners, and this can sometimes lead to committing suicide (Winget and William 83). Many teenagers are among the groups that fall in poor relationships that affect them emotionally. Young generations spend most of their times login into social networking sites and creating profiles and publicly articulate their relationships with others. Other teenagers write extensive comments on their profiles some of which contributes to social conflicts and others are demoralizing. Moreover, some teenagers spend most of their entire time on social networking sites and cellphones to interact with their friends. This has led to increased social disorders and contributed to health issues such as obesityamong… This essay makes a conclusion that social media such as add magazines or advertisement posted on social sites or television contribute to gender issues. In most cases, some advertisement contributes to gender issues in that many advertisers may post the picture of female when making an attempt of promoting certain products such as cosmetics. Some of these pictures are sex, and most of them contributes to genders issues especially loss of self-esteem to femininity. The advertisers can also use skewed beauty images that are posted on the social media sites with an aim of promoting their business. However, the skewed ad may send a negative image to the viewers and some of them may interpret the image in a negative way. For instance, the skewed beauty pictures of women may send a message of gender issues by viewing women as sex objects.This report approves that even though media provides valuable information and makes communication easier. too much dependent on digital media affects the health of individuals, privacy issues and contributes to cultural biasness. Digital media has led to varied social issues including increased violence, unethical behaviors, health complications, cultural biasness and privacy of celebrities. Many of the teenagers no longer reason the way they used to before the introduction of technology. thus contributing to poor performance in schools. Although, digital media have contributed to varied social issues, it has contributed to varied social aspects in transforming the society. It has made communicate easier, contributed to a national disaster relief, improved learning activities, and it has linked many people across the globe. thus contributing to a global village.

From Social Network to Privacy Issues

There are many existing research studies on the emergent phenomenon of Facebook. Research on online privacy generally finds out that Facebook as an online social networking site has pros and cons. It is advantageous because of the ability to maintain or even strengthen social capital such as friends, family, colleagues, and others (Ellison et al. 1143-1167). However, this research review will shed light on the often taken for granted concerns on online social networking sites, in particular, the case of Facebook. This paper is significant for the reason that it presents the existing knowledge on the famous phenomenon of social networking sites through Facebook. It is important because through the examination of the three (3) scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles: “Facebook and Online Privacy: Attitudes, Behaviors, and Unintended Consequences” by Debatin, Lovejoy, Horn, and Hughes, “The Benefits of Facebook “Friends”: Social Capital and College Student’s Use of Online Social Networking Sites” by Ellison, Steinfield, and Cliff, and “Information Revelation and Privacy in Online Social Networks (The Facebook Case) “ by Gross and Acquisti, I am able to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of online social networking sites. Its advantage lies in the power to develop and even maintain social connections but its disadvantage has something to do with the often taken for granted in our society, which is having a representation of oneself on the web puts the individual at risk from the unintended consequences of online social networking sites. Its risks vary from minor to serious implications of online privacy. As an overview of how this research review will go through, the discussion of this article is presented in such a way that: first shows the benefits of having an online social networking site. next tackles the risks of disclosing personal information in Facebook.. last is the conclusion on thebeing examined, “Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook.”

Recommendation Report on the MDCM Board for Optimum IT Projects Selection

The team discussed the strategic goals of the company as part of the exercise and derived the strategic IT objectives from the same. Strategic IT objectives as derived from the Strategic goals of MDCM: 1. To create an integrated MDCM IT based network to achieve cost effectiveness and process efficiency. (SO1) 2. To increase use of the internet as a means of networking and communications for customers and suppliers.(SO2) 3. To focus upon IT consolidation by creating a single, centralized view of MDCM’s overall IT assets and capabilities and to develop a sophisticated IT capability which would speed up the information flow. (SO3) Methodology of the study: The team discussed the strategic goals of MDCM and arrived upon the strategic IT objectives. Further, the team studied the IT objectives and with due diligence exercises, arrived at the proposed IT projects to fulfill the strategic IT objectives. The projects have been coded for study and presentation purposes as P1 through P12. However, the MDCM board being the final decision making body, the team arrived at scorecards and a proposed portfolio for the board to consider for deciding the optimum portfolio. Also, the team has discussed the dependencies among the various projects for effective implementation of the same. Criteria for making scorecard weightages: Based on due diligence and feedback from the corporate functional heads, the criteria for assigning weightages to the Likelihood of success or risk Vs the Value to the Business were determined as follows: Likelihood of success (L) criteria, coded as L1 through L6: L1: Technical standards: 10% L2: Skills, capability and training: 10% L3: Scope and complexity: 25% L4: Business alignment : 22% L5: Risk : 21% L6: Management capability: 12% Value to the business (V) criteria coded as V1 through V6: V1 : Financial return: 30% V2: Customer and consumer focus: 20% V3: Supply chain business benefits: 15% V4: Technology efficiency: 15% V5: Knowledge advantage: 10% V6: Work/life balance: 10% The Corporate heads and the ITPM team were asked to rate the each of the projects on a scale of 1 to 10 as to the Likelihood of success of each project and its value to the organization based on the strategic IT objectives as discussed above. For example, the ‘L’ scores for project P1 on X axis that is Likelihood of success factors are tabulated as follows: P1 Criteria ‘L’ Score weight Max Score relative value absolute value L1 6 10% 10 60.00% 6.00% L2 4 10% 10 40.00% 4.00% L3 5 25% 10 50.00% 12.50% L4 7 22% 10 70.00% 15.40% L5 8 21% 10 80.00% 16.80% L6 7 12% 10 70.00% 8.40% Total Value 63.10% Where, ‘L’ represents: The Likelihood of success of the given project ‘Score’ is the mean rating given by the ITPM team for the given IT project on the respective ‘L’ factor. ‘Weight’ is the weightage assigned to the respective ‘L’ factor ‘Max Score’ is the Maximum rating that can be given to a project for the respective ‘L’ factor. ‘Relative value’ is the relative rating of the project on the given ‘L’ factor. ‘Absolute Value’ is the weighted rating of the project on the given ‘L’ factor. Total Value is the total weighted rating of the project on all the ‘L’ factors. Similarly, the ‘V’ scores for project P1 were as follows: P1 Criteria ‘V’ Score weight Max Score relative value absolute value V1 7 30% 10 70.00% 21.00% V2 8 20% 10 80.00% 16.00% V3 6 15% 10 60.00% 9.00% V4 6 15% 10 60.00% 9

Critical Thinking by Apply Concepts Theories and Empirical Knowledge from the News Media

Ross (2011) in the first place examines turnover rate, re-employment of laid-off workers, and the market absorption of the workers. It considers quality and standard of products as well as enriching employee skills in the company. Lochhead (2011) on the other hand evaluates the U.S Postal services having a reprieve on a debt obligation of $15 billion debt limit it surpassed. The focus in this paper is to sociologically analyze the media article and apply critical thinking to know whether it is empirically appropriate or not. Lochhead’s article exposes how post office is facing a big drop in revenue earned and losing customers. This is so because capital to maintain them is lacking. Moreover, there are new inventions and issues that have negatively affected business. They include internet communication, prefunding of retirees and recession. No definite short-term solution is so far visible to provide solutions to these problems, a sole fear holding the company’s management system. Research identifies that the biggest issue is the business model set to govern the post office is old, and there is need for urgent change. In fact, extinction is due if the company’s issues are not addressed. As a result, various measures are being suggested with an aim of correcting this crisis. For instance, the measures include reducing the number of workers and relocating postal services to smaller business places like gas stations, grocery stores and retailers. These give a clue to certain question that may arise in the article, some of which include: Why NUMI Company is in its debt state, what preventive and corrective measures it can take and the manner in which Critical Thinking relate to solving the problems. Answers to these questions are analyzed below. To begin with, bankruptcy caused by stiff competition from Chinese is a major problem that faces Solyndra Company. In the second place, a problem emerges in a view that many workers lose their jobs and find an immediate alternative to other companies. In another view, New United Manufacturing Inc. (NUMI) left 4,700 employees jobless on its closure. These employees have good working experience and expertise. To counter some of these problems, Tesla Motors, a company manufacturing electric vehicles took part of the ditched factory and hired thirty of the jobless, former NUMI workers. The director of Tesla in a comment says that hiring NUMI workers is beneficial. In an attempt to analyze these articles, application of some relevant sociological models and concepts were put in place. These consist of class system, social construction of reality and social inequality, all of which considers The Marxist theory. The theory handles political culture, the state, conflict, role, culture and ideology as Morrow (2011) observes. Concerning the news media, new technological improvements made like e-commerce and networking has greatly reduced the popularity and use of post office. In another view, the Role theory explains different expectations of individuals in the society. In critical thinking, it is understood that every individual has their own needs and expectations as the University of Chicago faculty theories point out. The quality of a worker is enhanced with more engagement in the field and experience, and that is why Tesla employs the sacked workers from NUMI. As a motivator, honesty helps employees develop self-ownership of

Career Progression and Social Networks

For the last five years or so, online social networking has achieved immense momentum. Sites like Facebook, Myspace, Hyves, Twitter, and others have earned a large share of the world’s business by providing social networking. All social network sites have several typical features like each of them gives the user a homepage that links all the material that is available to them. A typical networking site contains a personal profile for the users to post their pictures and provide personal and professional details (Knoke, 2007). They also list their current activities and the users can also message each other. The users can add their friends and family to their network. They can select who they want on their network and can restrict others from viewing their activities.The scope of these online networking sites today is not only limited to providing a mode for staying in touch with friends and family from the remotest areas in the world. It provides instant communication but it is now being used as a means of business too. While on one side it is observed that career progression has been dampened by people wasting time setting up statuses and commenting on fan pages it has also been improved by business-minded people who use this not only for fun but for meeting executives and deciding on global business ventures. Even President Obama used Twitter during the 2008 election campaign (Scott, 2000). These social networking sites enable people to stay in touch. They facilitate work and study groups. Even many universities have used these social networking ideas in their virtual learning sites by developing online student forums. These social networking sites have impacted career progression positively in many ways. The employers don’t have to search much, instead, all they need to do is go to the best university’s fan page and find out students that may bringbrighter prospects to their firms.

Employability Skills CV for the Job Position of Customer Service Advisor

The required skills for the Customer Service Advisor, Sales Presenter and Care Assistant job positions comprise brilliant communication skills, proficiency in Information Technology (IT) related skills and effective problem-solving as well as decision-making skills (Warwick District Council, n. d). The major duties for the job position of a sales presenter would comprise business development activities, meeting the customers, generating leads and making sales presentations. The required skills include outstanding communication abilities, tenacity, superior level of confidence and self-motivation (International Finance Corporation, n. d). Conversely, the main responsibilities, as well as roles of a care assistant, are to provide active support as well as deliberately working with the students and most importantly assisting the teaching staffs associated with Individual Care Plans. Moreover, the care assistants would also have to attend and enthusiastically contribute towards Individual Care Plan reviews in conjunction with maintaining any kind of related records. Working mutually with the coordinators of Learning Support along with the lecturing staffs and offering useful practical services to the students are also acknowledged to be the duties of a care assistant. In addition, the other important duties of a care assistant include periodic reporting to the Coordinators of Learning Support, Wellbeing Advisors and teachers along with other relevant external agencies. The skills which are required for this particular job position are high enthusiasm, optimism, self-motivation and superb communication skills (Trussville City Schools, 2006). I have completed my graduation course which included the subject of Mathematics and also pursued a financial accounting course which involved numerous calculations. Team Working I was a part of a dynamic team in a knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) organisation where I was required to work jointly with the team members and perform as a team during my one year of service. I experienced the value of self-management quality while working in the KPO organisation. I am presently pursuing a business management course which principally focuses upon the awareness as well as the satisfaction of the customers in the business sector. Application of IT During my graduation, I also pursued a course in Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering (ADCHE). The main subjects included Computer Basics, Microsoft Office, Internet, Software Installation and Networking. Problem Solving In one of my subjects in Graduation i.e. Business Regulatory Framework and Company Law (BRF CL), I had to learn to analyse as well as to recognise the different problems which I had applied in the past while I was working in the KPO organisation.Though I had completed my graduate program from abroad, it was a remarkable experience for me to communicate with various people belonging to diverse nationalities with dissimilar cultures as well as languages.