Observation Riding Public Transportation

And whether or not they are rich or poor people all have their reasons in which they ride public transportation.Bryan, the man I interviewed for this portion of my observations, rides the bus from the north side of town into downtown. He is a security officer at a local hospital. His uniform consists of a tan button down short sleeve shirt with a blue label with gold trim. Bryan’s pants are dark blue with a tan stripe down the side with gold trim. Furthermore, he wears black boots and wears a shiny black duty belt upon which he keeps his handcuffs and radio strap.Once Bryan, a five foot eleven somewhat slim blond haired blue eyed white male with small rectangular glasses, travels downtown, he gets off at one of the first two bus stops and walks two blocks east over to where the train station for Metro rail is located. Once he arrives at the rail station, the “taps” his Q-Card, Metro’s fare card, and boards the train upon its arrival. Usually, he reads a book while traveling from home to work.The train stops 10 times before it reaches the final destination at the Transit Center. There, he walks off the rail towards the escalators. He, then, rides the escalators up to the overhead walkway connecting the train station to the transit center. While on the walkway he takes the number one elevator down to the first floor near the stop for the number 4 line, which heads down towards his final destination, a local hospital.Upon arrival, he taps the card on the Q-reader and found my seat. Once I sat down, I opened the book I was reading, Breaking Dawn. The bus, then, left the transit center only moments later. A young black woman, sitting near me, and an Asian guy, across the aisle from her, was talking about movies.Bryan caught the tail end of their conversation as he finished my book. Bryan, then, decided to join in the conversation. They began to talk about the number of comic book movies that were coming out of having already come out“I’m looking forward to The Wolverine movie due out next year,” Bryan told the young black woman, in turquoise scrubs. She was perplexed.