One of the Most Important Things in our Lives Money

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, physiological needs (food, water, sex, sleep) and security needs (housing, comfort, stability, love) are at the core of the human needs pyramid. Money allows you to meet these and higher needs of happiness.Finance is the foundation that allows you to change a lot in life. If there is not enough money, then a person has reduced degrees of freedom and he becomes dependent on money and unhappy. A person with wealth is free and happy to love others, for he has many more degrees of freedom and choice for happiness. Specific examples of what finance allows, as many say:Eating healthy and wholesome foods.Success in individuals of the opposite sex, love partners.Caring for yourself and health.Travel and knowledge of the world.Birth and upbringing of children.Accommodation in a spacious and comfortable house or apartment.Riding a comfortable and reliable car.Getting quality medical services.Improving social status.Finances can solve many life and love problems, so the role of money in human life is important, as we believe, right? And one of the most important things in our lives: money? Correct? Despite market relations and the economy, everyone has their own role in life. Financial resources alone are not in the first place, and such people do not live in poverty, although they love them for internal happiness. Others are constantly short of money, and they are ready for anything to gain it. Why does it happen?The importance of the role of money in people’s lives is determined by 3 factors:Ability to make it.Ability to spend it.Ability to save it.A person who knows how to love, earn, and spend money is its happy master. Financial resources are not of great importance to him. their role in happiness is minimal. The owners of the money are not fixated on them, living a full and multifaceted happy life.Those who do not know how to earn and spend finances are ready to risk their life and health for their sake. Money means a lot to them for happiness. they are fixated on it, experiencing the need and problems in lives and love affairs. Finance is given to them with difficulty. their role is huge.Unfortunately, 2 factors, we believe, are rarely observed at the same time, which is a mistake. Compliance with 2 factors leads to a logical result: an increase in wealth and a decrease in the role of money in life.Money alone doesn’t cost anything. it’s just paper we love. The important thing is that others are ready to believe for your money to do for you and what you are ready to do for people who pay you money.Finance for happiness is made differently. Some earn big money doing their favorite activity, self-fulfilling, and reaching heights. Others earn as hard labor by engaging in hateful activities and eking out a miserable existence that they do not love. Proper earning is in 4 points:Earn financial resources by doing your favorite activity we say we love, realizing yourself for happiness. In no case do not do hateful work for the sake of money. Big money cannot be earned by hateful labor.Manage yourself, cash flows, and those of the others. Large amounts of money are earned by encouraging others to work, bringing rich fruits of activity.Earn more in less time. The money/time ratio should be as high as possible.Earn more with less effort. The money/effort ratio should also be as high as possible.The more finances you make and the less time and effort spent on it, the less role money plays to reach comfort and happiness.A competent waste of finances is living within our mean and spending only on necessary and high-quality services and products we love for happiness. To earn a lot, but to spend more, is not living within our mean. It’s not enough to earn money, where earnings cover all needs – living is already within our mean.When spending financial resources, we want to receive in return services or products that we love made by others. But they are inherently selfish, lazy, and like to consume more than creating. Therefore, money alone does not guarantee receipt of high-quality and healthy products and services. The burden and responsibility of competent spending fall on your shoulders.The correct spending consists of 4 points:Spend less than you earn. Do not allow expenses to exceed revenues. The coefficient "expenses/incomes" you should minimize. The exception is your health or your family and friends.Buy only the necessary products and services. Before buying, think about whether it is necessary. Saved dollar – earned dollar.For the money spent, get the highest quality products and services. The quality/price ratio should be as high as possible. Among the products and services of the same price range, choose the highest quality.For the finances spent, get as many quality products and services you love as possible. The quantity/price ratio should also be as high as possible. Among equally high-quality products and services, choose the cheapest.The less financial resources are spent on income, and the more quality and quantity is acquired with that money, the fewer roles it plays in life to gain happiness.Take a look at your attitude to finances. Do you know how to earn, manage, and spend them? Remember that they play exactly the role in your life that you yourself will determine to stay happy.Your life will be beautiful if you learn to manage yourself, finances, human and other resources. Making finance and spending it is the key to success. Otherwise, you will fulfill other people’s orders, selling your irreplaceable time and energy for a penny, embodying other people’s dreams and goals. Avoid such slavery.