Oracle Corporation

It supplies software useful for information management in businesses, which have made the company to establish a good name in the market as one of the leading suppliers. It offers software that is internet-enabled which is incorporated with the database, enterprise business applications and application development (Harper, 2003).The annual revenues for Oracle have been recorded as more than 10.9 billion USD. It is among the large multinational companies and has operations in not less than 145 countries. The organization uses strong marketing strategies with highly differentiated products ranging fromits database tools to application products, from consulting services to support services. This has been made possible through the acquisition of other companies as well as collaboration. It applies strong support for its products through the use of the Customer Support Identifier codes, which are useful for the customers who are registered with the organization. The CSI allows customers to make requests through the web. Oracle has made a global presence for the past 30 years by providing its customers reliable, secure and integrated technologies to manage their information and processes. Oracle’s competitors such as Microsoft, IBM and Informix among others are highly innovative, with many new products entering the market each year (Harper, 2003). The organization, therefore, has to develop strategies to maintain competitiveness through customer satisfaction.Oracle implements efficient global e-business solutions that manage the front office CRM as well as the back office procedural operations. Customer relationship management is a significant strategy used by organizations to enhance communication between the management and customers in a bid to maintain customers and attract more to the business, thereby increasing the prospects of sales (David, 2007).