Own Code of Conduct IT Business

The company has grown so fast. This can be attributed to many reasons but majorly to the much time, we invest in listening to our customer needs through the day to day contact and periodic evaluations that form part of our policies. The quality of our products and services is also very high and geared toward the needs of our customers. Also available to us is a wide network of stakeholders whose ideas we value so much and as they meet in their pre-planned forums, they give us their reports which are reviewed and after accreditation, these are incorporated into our management and production (Cooper, 2004). The company deals directly with manufacturing companies which produce computer systems. When clients order specific computer systems, we forward the same requests to the manufacturing partners so that they produce systems which will satisfy the clients’ need. The company gives us quotations which we forward to the customers with the added value of tax and delivery, installation and one year services and maintenance. When customers are comfortable with the total cost, they clear us to proceed with the transaction. These companies are very reliable as they are able to process our requests within the time requested by our customers. We have never had any complaints from our companies. Despite the hard economictimes that businesses have experienced, our services and products have always been on demand since the prices are friendly for people of varied economic capabilities. It does not matter where the clients are located (Oliver, 2011). The company has distributors to our products all over the city. We identify business firms located in our area of interest. Then, whenever customers make requests, we identify their location and instruct our distributors to deliver these items to specific locations as the customer specifies. These distributors do not have to be dealing with information technology business in order to be accepted in the company’s list of distributors. The most important factor is that they accept to abide by our terms of service which include confidentiality and safety of commodities delivered to them. They are also allowed to give these items to people whose details are provided to them by the company in consultation with the company at all times in order to avoid putting our customers’ items into wrong hands (Cooper, 2004). In addition to these local distributors, we have also trained technicians who help customers whenever there is a need for installations and services or troubleshooting. Our technicians are highly qualified professionals whom we engage on a part-time basis due to the unpredicted nature of demand in the particular towns where they reside. All our technicians are accredited and certified by national and global IT expert bodies and their services are always of high quality. We have always had requests to provide services for systems we never installed because of the high performance of systems which have been serviced by our technicians.