Part 1: Personal Identity Collage  Part 2: A-B-C Dimensions of Personal IdentityThe images above  are a reflection of who I am.  For “A” Dimension, the picture of the 27 represents my age, I am 27 years old. I am a female that why I have a lady with a girl power tattoo. I am from Mexican decent and instead of using a picture of a taco, I used a picture of a “concha” which is a type of Mexican bread. My primary language is Spanish, but I also speak English. The photo with two boys talking represent the both languages I speak. For “B” Dimension, I am currently a student at Grand Canyon University. I am going for my teaching degree. Although I am still in the process on becoming a teacher, I am a long term sub for 3rd grade. This will be my second year. One of my major hobbies is anything handmade. I like to go online search for crafts that I can make. Lastly for “C” dimension, a historical moment for me was the time that I became a mom. I a mom to a boy. I like to keep myself informed of the best out there for babies. I breastfeed my son up until he was 6 months. It was significant for me because not a lot of young mothers do that. Another significant moment that I have had in my life is traveling. The pictures above are the places that I have traveled to. It has made an impact in my life because I have learned about different cultures. This past year, I was able to travel to Russia for the world cup. This was a dream of mine. The fact that I have been able to accomplish goals, it has been very satisfying. Part 3: Personal Identity: Effect on the ClassroomOur personal identity affects in everything we do, especially in our classroom. Some of the cons I see from my personal identity is that  I work with students who are Hispanic. Due to the school being located in a border town, there is not much variety. I would love for my students to see other cultures. This is important because no matter where they go, they will have to work with someone who will have different views than them.  A pro that I see in my personal identity is that I have traveled around the world. I have seen different cultures. When it comes to having a diverse classroom, student and teacher must know a little about each other  culture. We as educator must provide a safe learning environment for students. The best way to do this is by getting to know other cultures and costumes. If students get to know each other, they will built relationship with classmates. Also, they will be able to connect with the teacher. The building of relationship is important because it helps built that classroom environment. When there is a respectful and safe classroom, students will learn. Another con that I see on my personal identity is that I am a long term sub that is teaching 3rd grade. I am not a fully certified teacher. However, I am enrolled at a university. The pro is that the school district offers many professional development meetings. My students deserve a teacher who is highly qualified, this could definitely affect their learning. The advantage is that teachers are often evaluated and observed. Although teachers are moving away from Arizona, the district is providing training to its employees to provide best teaching practices.Priscilla,You did a nice job on your first assignment for the class. Below are my findings from your submission. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions. I am here for your success.Shelly1084 words in all for the entire assignmentPart 1: Personal Identity CollageCreate a collage that exemplifies the three dimensions of your personal identity through photographs, graphics, and images of artifacts based on the A-B-C Dimensions of Personal Identity. Do not include any photographs of yourself.Part 2: A-B-C Dimensions of Personal IdentityIn a 250-500 word rationale, discuss how your images exemplify the three dimensions of your personal identity that defends your choices for each dimension consistent with Arredondo’s theories and definitions. Part 3: Personal Identity: Effect on the ClassroomWrite a 250-500 word summary that discusses personal identity and the implications for a diverse classroom.  For example, based on your findings, how will your personal identity affect your classroom culture, expectations, relationships, verbal and non-verbal communication, class materials, and assignments? Include both challenges and opportunities.Use 3-4 scholarly resources to inform your assignment. 0 resources usedPrepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.No, this is not in correct APA format. Please check the templates in the Student Success Center. This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.4%Please submit all parts of this assignment as one submission to LoudCloud.