Physical Activity by Older Adults

This study is interesting because it encompasses an area of research under the healthcare platform that has been under-researched over the years (physical health for the ole people in the society) thereby facilitating the need to have a study done and results tabulatedIs information provided regarding background, literature, aim/ aim objectives, methods, sample size, data collection tools, data analysis strategies, results, conclusions and recommendations included?Anonymity and confidentiality were not discussed by the respondents, or if it was indeed discussed then it has not been documented in this study. The table has however shown fictitious names to represent the respondents which show that anonymity and confidentiality were somehow considered in the tabulation of the resultsThe selected quotations are explained and the particular quotes have been used to reinforce the findings under the discussion of the results from the study. There are other quotes from other respondents under different themes of findingsThese findings can be transferred to wider populations through selectively because the selection of the respondents was not gendered sensitive: more females than males thereby creating difficulty in transferability to the whole population.The discussion part of the study documents the benefits of the results gotten from the study and also tabulates the recommendations to bring change in levels of physical activities of the sampled populationThe weaknesses of the study include the stated fact that the selection of candidates for sampling was not adequately done as the number of female respondents is supposed to have a similar range as that of male respondentsThe fact that the respondents were given $20 incentives before the interview could prove that some of the respondents did not release reliable information as the incentives were all that did matter to them.