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Hollywood Science The Gravity is a film that presents a ic science fiction movie that attempts to detail aesthetics, engineering, and space exploration with the intent of keeping the reality of science. The film does an outstanding job of delivering deliver the message about the space to the audience, but it has some minor scientific inconsistencies. Alfonso Cuaron, the director, writer, and producer of the movie, captures astronauts stranded in the space after the destruction of their space shuttle’s orbit and subsequent efforts to return to the Earth (Kluger). The film presents the scenario of doing a spacewalk extremely well. Notably, the visual impact of the astronauts to possess only the glass of their helmet between them and the Earth is legitimate in scientific terms. Similarly, the director renders the physicality and movement during the spacewalk in an accurate manner. Many scenes reveal the challenging attempt of the astronauts to start a motion and stop it in the vacuum place. It is scientifically correct that stopping motion in the vacuum is difficult. Although the execution of realism by detailing the real danger of the space travel is evident in the film, the closer examination of Gravity shows minor scientific flaws. Largely, the film Gravity violates the laws of physics. Notably, it is difficult for the astronauts to hop from a particular spacecraft to another easily. The shift from one station to the other demands tremendous energy, as well as, careful planning in order to change the orbits. The capturing of the simplicity to navigate in the space evokes questions about the plausibility of the application of the laws of physics. Hence, the film makes a notable error in presenting the shifting as an easy endeavor in the space. Similarly, the film fails to utilize the fundamental facts of science when the director presents a character struggling out in a vacuum. It is a mystery for Clooney to release Bullock’s tether, and the attempt makes the two characters to drift away from each other. In reality, the space has zero gravity. Thus, the scientific laws should dictate that a single tug would automatically bring bodies together instead of separating them. Efthimbiou and Ralph contend that a failure to incorporate fundamental scientific facts render sci-fiction films less informing. In essence, the film recreates the shuttle, the spacesuits, and space station perhaps to add drama or extend the plot. Arguably, overemphasis of the simulation of the physics about thrusts and counter-spin is noticeable in the Gravity film. The rotation of the satellite debris highlights the application of flimsy physics. Notably, almost all the satellites orbit Earth from the West to the East. However, the film depicts the satellite debris orbiting from the East to the West. The fundamental scientific flaw indicates that Gravity wrong captured the rotation of the objects around the earth. Arguably, the director forgot this basic scientific detail while attempting to reveal the dangers of the space travel the glorious imaginary science fiction film. The failure to capture the scientific facts is an enormous blunder that many science fiction movies commit (Efthimbiou and Ralph 30). In many Hollywood science fiction movies, many scientific facts are conspicuously absent. The directors tend to focus on the thrilling aspect of the films, and leave out the basic scientific facts. Efthimbiou and Ralph believe that the directors of the films intend to incorporate some drama to capture the attention of the audience (31). Nonetheless, it is important to examine the effects of failing to leave the scientific flaws unattended as they are in the Gravity film. In essence, it is critically significant for the films capturing the basic fact in order to avoid the violation of the known laws and information. Works CitedEfthimbiou, Costas, and Ralph, Llewellyn. Avatars of Hollywood in Physical Science. The Physics Teacher 44, (2006): 28-33. Print. Kluger, Jeffrey. Gravity fact check: What the season’s big movie gets wrong. Time 01 Oct. 2013. Print.

Is it possible to distinguish between science and pseudoscience Is there a satisfactory criterion of demarcation which can be employed to make such a distinction

Pseudoscience is any body of knowledge, methodology, belief, or practice that claims to be scientific or is made to appear scientific, but does not adhere to the basic requirements of the scientific method (Wikipedia). The word ‘pseudo’ implies that the science is fake or false just because there are problems with the testability criterion (Thompson, 1980). Pseudoscience is supposed to lack supporting evidence and plausibility (Goldstein, 2000). According to Muralidharan (n.d.) one is an experimented science and the other is an experienced science. Simanek (2005) emphasizes that the practitioners of all that is termed as ‘pseudoscience’ do not recognize the validity of this term. The boundaries of science and pseudoscience continue to be debated. With the help of a therapy in alternative medicine, namely Reiki, this paper will demonstrate that it is not possible to distinguish between science and pseudoscience.According to Lakatos (1970), the demarcation between science and pseudoscience is through inductivism. According to this theory only those propositions can be accepted into the body of science that describe hard facts or are inductive generalizations from them. An inductivist accepts a proposition only if it is proven true, otherwise he rejects it. If a proposition remains unproven, it is called pseudoscientific. He firmly states that science is based on hard factual propositions and inductive generalizations. The experiments of physics and chemistry are associated with this concept. The draw back here is that inductivism does not explain why certain facts rather than others were selected in the first place. How do the scientists get the inspiration to select a hypothesis? When a drop of water falls on our hand, the realization of hot or cold is an experience. Science merely explains the phenomenon of hot or cold but the heat and cold have existed even before the scientist made an attempt to study

Why does a blue sky have white clouds Why do the clouds appear red at sunset What is the Green Flash seen in some sunsets in Hawaii

Essay Physics A blue sky has white clouds because of the constant or ongoing water cycle. These clouds are tiny droplets of water that evaporated from the large surface of ocean, bodies of water and the ground. From the process of evaporation, soon enough these tiny droplets of water will fall back to the earth’s surface in the process called precipitation. These clouds may fall in the form of rain or snow. This cycle will persist for as long as the sun continues to emit or radiate its beam of light to the earth’s surface. However, clouds may appear white because of the ability of tiny particles in the atmosphere to cause the white light from the sun to scatter and split into components. This phenomenon is due to the process known as Mie scattering, one which is responsible for the white colour of the clouds at daytime. At one point, theory suggests that clouds appear red at sunset because of the earth’s pollutants. The red colour of the clouds is a reflection of the sun’s beam of light striking the polluted atmosphere of the earth. This reflection comes from the smoke, smog and other gases emitted from factories, vehicles, and so on that are hit by the sun’s radiant beam of light. On the other hand, the phenomenon could also be explained by the idea of wavelength. Particles in the atmosphere like oxygen and nitrogen can scatter violet and blue light from the sun due to their size. Thus, the more we are closer to the sun, the more we would see sky as blue during day time. However, at sunset, considering that there must have been too much blue and violet light that has been scattered for the day, allowing the observer to see light of longer wavelength, clouds may substantially appear red. This is called Rayleigh scattering. The Green Flash seen in sunsets in Hawaii is one of the most spectacular events in the place. This is due to light refracting in the atmosphere. At sunset, the different colours of light rays from the sun are refracted at the atmosphere. The refraction provides varying colours that may overlap each other. At some point, the green one may overlap the other in a flash, which is a brief and sudden phenomenon. That is why it is called a green flash.

History of Modern Science Galileo and Newton

Here in this paper, both are discussed. compared and analyzed in a deep manner as per their respective works which brought about a significant change within our modern day luxuries that mankind has in the present times.Galileo was born on 15th February 1564 and is widely regarded as an Italian physicist, astronomer, mathematician and philosopher of repute. He had a major hand in bringing about the scientific revolution within history. His name is synonymous with the very best in the world of innovators, physicists and thinkers since he was, is and will always remain a genius. Mankind owes a lot of gratitude to the personality of Galileo and hence the reason that he is still remembered as a hero notwithstanding a great amount of time has passed since he died – on 8th January 1642. Galileo brought to the fore his achievements in the line of improvements that he made towards the working domains of the telescope as well as the consequent astronomical observations with added support for the sake of Copernicanism. Without a doubt, this formed the basis as to why he was regarded as the father of modern observational astronomy, the father of modern physics, the father of Modern Science and the father of science. Galileo studied the motion of uniformly accelerated objects which is usually there in all school and college curricula. The physics courses have special mention of such objects and it comes especially under the heading of kinematics. Galileo made contributions towards the field of observational astronomy which has entailed within it the discovery of the four largest satellites that Jupiter has and named as the Galilean moons. This was so done to give him honor and respect for his work. He also studied the sunspots, firstly made an observation regarding them and then analyzing them in the end. Further, he worked tirelessly towards the related fields of applied science and technology. (Shea amp. Artigas, 2003)On the other hand, Sir

Battlefield 2

Analysis/Advertisement on Battlefield 2 Battlefield 2 is one of the newest installments in the Battlefield series of First Person Shooter games. Like its predecessors, this game features all of the high quality intensity of Battlefield 1942, but delivers on the modern age technology tools. EA Games has also added several enhancements to the playing experience. With a high powered older brother to live up to in Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 offers much of the same flexibility that made Battlefield 1942 such a success while delivering on the modern age it purports to represent in equipment, image quality and more realistic responses. One of the cool features involved in Battlefield 2 is the more realistic responses of the game. For instance, if you were to fire a rocket grenade launcher at a concrete wall, the new game engine and physics system would automatically compute whether this type of weapon would have the power necessary to penetrate the wall based on its composition. This adds a new dimension of difficulty to the game since its now necessary for you to know whether what you’re hiding behind will protect you or if the tank that’s pointing in your direction will probably kill you as you huddle behind a sand bunker. If you can survive long enough, your screen persona will grow through the ranks and can eventually become general, which is pretty cool and which unlocks new weapons and vehicles as you grow. However, the game follows the example of Battlefield 1942 in that it allows you to drive any vehicle available (there are at least 30 different types of military vehicle that can be selected and controlled by any player), so it isn’t completely like a real-life battlefield. Another cool feature of this game, though, is that you can decide whether you want to join a squad on the front lines or if you want to come in behind the scenes and work on the strategic deployment of the troops. Soldier classes include Assault, Sniper, Special Ops, Combat Engineer, Medic, Heavy Weapons and Anti-Tank units. All the latest in modern weaponry is available for your use and you can choose to play for the United States, the Chinese or the Middle East Coalition. You can play with more than 64 players online at once and the battlefield adjusts to accommodate the number of players and vehicles involved, giving you plenty of room to move around. Battlefields range from barely populated dense forests all the way through to city streets, each one as destructible as the real thing. Another really cool feature of the game is that it allows you to place yourself right in the middle of the action for some of the more current war zones in the world. Soldier kits will affect the vehicles around you, so that a medic kit can transform any vehicle into a mobile aid station and a support kit can make helicopters into flying ammo dumps. Finally, new modules are available for download all the time, allowing you to upgrade your playing environment to add new battlefields, new weapons and new scenarios to your experience. All in all, this is one of the coolest and most fun FPS games available thanks to the flexibility of your movements inside the game environment and the realistic effects delivered. Works CitedAll Out War on the Modern Battlefield. BF2.Org. October 9, 2006 This is a pick-up-and-play action extravaganza, a comic book version of WWII. Battlefield 1942. October 9, 2006

Physics for Future Presidents Writing Assignment

technological advancements and the improved knowledge in scientific fields, the deductions and conclusions made by scientists have proven to be accurate and even in some instanced averted disasters in the recent past. Therefore, for future heads of state to prevent future disasters from affecting the inhabitants of their respective countries, they ought to turn to scientists for counsel regarding certain issues of national security. It is necessary for them to display some level of scientific consciousness and edge themselves with qualified advice-givers to be able to make more profound long term decisions (Muller, 2010). Environmental consciousness and strategic prowess in decision making would be very vital tools in determining the success of our future leaders in safeguarding the planet.The comprehension and understanding of science, acts like a compass to our frontrunners directing them to making the most appropriate decisions. There exists pandemonium all over the globe and the urgent matters resulting to all the confusion, ought to be looked into by our leaders and appropriate decisions be made on how to tackle these matters. The comprehension and understanding of science by our prime ministers and presidents is most vital due to the environmental disasters that are looming, due to the way human being are continuously destroying and polluting the environment.Radicals have made it their goal in life to use the obliviousness of the ignorant leaders as a weapon against them. Resulting to individuals living in constant fear, these radials involve themselves in acts of terrorism. They are using ungrounded justifications as explanations to fulfill their own selfish desires. It is up to our future leaders to put under control such delicate issues without resulting to additional collateral damage. The utmost danger is that of extremists acquiring nuclear armaments and weaponries. Deterrence from these catastrophes is beneficial to each and every one of us.

Research theory discussion 1 wk4

Role of theory in Research Introduction Theory refers to set of information with related principles or concepts that in the prediction of future phenomenon based on experience. Theory plays a crucial role in any research as it connects different research and simplify research modelin theformation of hypotheses. Theory forms an essential component of any research and is of great relevance to any scientific research.Role of Theory Theories provide guidelines for information and knowledge acquired in any research. Theory forms links and interlinks for various resources used in the research. Without a theory in research work, different research will appear as separate and distinct work. There will be a lack of connection between the research work and other related resources. Therefore, theory interconnects various components of the research and links one research work with other knowledge bases (Utley, 2011). Theories are also important in designing a simplified research model. They eliminate complicated details of the research and provide a concise overview of the research model. Particularly in scientific research, like in physics, theory provides a simplified model of the research work. It eliminates the complication associated with details of the research and provides a general overview of the research. A research model used in the study, therefore, incorporate the postulated theory framework. Each theory can demand are different research model in discussing the same topic. For example, particle theory and wave theory both explains how light works. These two theories have different models but explain the same concept (Utley, 2011).Conclusion Theories are therefore, an important aspect of any given research. They connect different component of the research topic as it provides knowledge base for the study. Theories also influence the research approach for the study. This is because different theories will require different models of study.ReferenceUtley, R. A. (2011). Theory and research for academic nurse educators: Application to practice. Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Images of the Human

Hume succeeds in asserting his opinion about our presumed laws of nature – that they are developed based on psychological conditioning. An example that could be stated favoring his opinion would be the question of whether the sun will rise tomorrow. We just believe it will rise tomorrow out of our accustomed beliefs but we are not supported by any logical or empirical reasoning to substantiate it. He believes that such skeptical arguments underlie the laws of nature and hence they must be ignored. But, his constant conjunctions does not prove it the other way either. There is no evidence that our continuous experiences through our sensations have established our thought process. In conclusion, it can be said that all the theories are based on the cause and effect relationship. The cause which turns on the effect is clearly explained through scientific Physics. But such a detailed explanation is not relevant for everyday life and hence an explanation based on Hume’s approach is more significant. So, in this advanced era, Hume’s effect on day to day life or the effect of physics is correctly aimed towards a positive direction of improving the human race – as long as we are able to rightly identify the cause and its effect!

WE 7 AL&amp

Resarch Paper ResponsesALamp. Research Paper Responses al Affiliation Response to Familial DNA and the History of DNA by Douglas E Jackson, Jr. The paper has given comprehensive information regarding familial DNA with and the student has indicated a good grasp of DNA related issues. Indeed it is significant to note the aspect of crime and law enforcement in relation to familial DNA. However, privacy concerns related to familial DNA is too shallow. It is important to give privacy concerns a detailed touch considering that it is a crucial aspect in discussing familial DNA. It is worth noting, for instance that familial DNA searching tend to encroach on the privacy of relatives who are not even part of the crime. Fruits of DNA profiling have actually been incredible even though there have been call from various group to strictly limit utilization of DNA databases. This point has been exhausted in a good way by showing its development and where the issue stands currently as well as the actions taken by various bodies such as the federal government. The case discussed in the paper has strengthened the points and validated the significance of familial DNA. The paper is generally good and informative.Forensic Fingerprint Analysis byBlake E. SokalskiForensic fingerprint analysis has been accurately exhausted right from its initiation, development and the current use. Theories and facts relating to use of the fingerprints has been well detailed to validate the significance of the principles of fingerprint identification. The principles actually stand as the core of forensic fingerprint analysis and show a deeper understanding of the act. The diagrammatic representation of the ridges has also helped in understanding and even informing the logic behind the ridges. It is therefore easy for even a layman to grab what the student writes about because everyone has the ridges. However, the writer could have included some significant information such as who conducts the analysis and give a comprehensive explanation on how and where the analysis is performed. In addition, the writer could have considered a thorough analysis of the fingerprint analysis process by tackling issues such as comparisons, analysis, evaluation and verification process. Generally, the paper is fairly written and touches on the relevant information deemed important in the discussion.The Use of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis in Crime Scene Reconstruction byBrandi ParsellUse of bloodstain pattern analysis in crime scene reconstruction has been thoroughly examined by the writer. The writer has given the paper an excellent summarized introduction about the topic and highlighted examples of how to know the source of blood and the position of both the victim and the perpetrator. There is an element of deeper understanding of the topic and even an idea of the origin of the process. The writer has confirmed the knowledge of the blood pattern analysis by acknowledging that the process is based heavily on physics principals and other bodies of knowledge. However, the writer could have provided further information regarding the three phases of proper crime scene reconstruction by properly categorizing them. The investigation, analysis and reconstruction processes could have been given proper consideration by the writer. The writer has also not offered full color fold-out decision map that can guide analysts as well as detailed proven, applicable scientific methodologies. Generally, the paper has been fairly written and the general information regarding the topic covered well.Classmate al 7It is indeed true as explained by Kristie Milby that combating cyber crime requires mutual agreement among different countries and harmonization of laws about cyber crime. However, this may not be an easy task considering the political and ideological differences that have created tension among different nations of the world. Identification of cyber crime is actually a big headache even to the forensics and therefore it requires expansion and a more detailed research of the same. However, people downloading negative or rather immoral videos, images or any other content from the internet should not be prosecuted. The only people that can be prosecuted because they are directly involved are the people uploading the contents.It is surely true that technology has become a predominant presence in everyday world because of the availability of internet devices and the willingness of everyone to use the devices as explained by Brandi Parsell. However, going ahead of perpetrators in terms of combating cybercrime may not be an easy task per se. It cannot be achieved by efforts of only one nation or continent because people use the internet across the world. The only option is to impose tough global rules and regulations that can hold everyone across the world responsible. Perpetrators will always increase because there is no control and by virtue of them being ahead of the law enforces in terms of technicality and intelligence.

Describe your intellectual interests their evolution and what makes them exciting to you Tell us how you will utilize the academic programs in the College of Arts and Sciences to further explore your interests intended major or field of study

ment of Purpose The thing that I would like to start with is the reasonable argumentation why I decided to enter this very College. I am a quitesensible person and all my actions in life have deep reasoning. As I am a Korean and I know the state of things in education in my Native country I decided to take the course abroad. Having considered all options I came to the conclusion that the USA will suit my goals perfectly. In the USA the education in my sphere has equal volumes of practical and theoretical parts. My ultimate goal in life is to make a discovery in the sphere of elementary particle physics or in the area that is marginal with biology. One of the things that attracted me in Cornwell College is the opportunity to specialize in physics with focusing on biology. The very thing that I am very interested in is ‘What does our universe come from?’. This question has always obsessed the great minds of the world, but it has not been answered yet. To work in this area I have to gain a complete education in physics. Moreover, the curriculum that includes such subjects as Geometric Concepts in Physics, Introduction to Special Relativity, Quantum Information Processing attracts me and can widely extend my outlook. Another issue that I am interested in is the marginal sphere between biology and physics that is the phenomenon of longevity. I believe that nowadays the science approached the point when human life can be prolonged up to 200 or even 300 years old. To put it another way my ultimate goals are to eliminate the mankind in the constant problems or to improve our life on some vital points. The curriculum of the College is worked out in such a way that it focuses rather on practical lessons than on theoretical ones. It involves many subjects that I will be glad to study and that I will need in my future profession. Although, there are some great physicists who were not very good at studying but later made great contribution into science, I tend to think that having diploma with honors will only do me good and facilitate the process of my researches. The love to physics has not always been with me – it stated in the middle school, when I was 13 years old. It happened to me when I heard about Korean-American physicist Benjamin W. Lee, who used to be the relative of mine. Since that time I got interested in physics – at first only slightly and with time it became the interest of my whole life. To sum up everything stated above I must say once again that my prime aim is to follow the steps of prominent scientists who were on their way to cast light on the mysteries of the Universe. The College that I would like to enter is the first stage in my plans to become a prominent scientist. However, without this initial stage I will not be able to achieve anything in my life. BIBLIOGRAPHY1. Greene, Brian. The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory, 2000, Vintage.