Policy Research Program on How the US Will Deal with the North Korea Nuclear Program Conflict

First of all, North Koreans could be trying to create a new relationship with the United States. On the other hand, this country could have been engaging in such a program in order to deter the United States. (Coughlin, 2000)In fact, during the past, some people have asserted that the reason why North Korea has been doing this is so that they could foster trade agreements or other economic aids. On the other hand, the west would have the ability to restrain weapons made by past communist governments in North Korea. Not all people believe that this is the latter statement is the truth but it is difficult for one to determine whether it is the former assertion that is more convincing than the latter. (Niksch, 2002)It should be noted that North Korea has given its arguments in the past for engaging in nuclear programs. They asserted that there was a need to protect themselves from any sort of aggression especially from Japan, South Korea, or even the United States. The North Koreans assert that they have no way of fully understanding what the real intentions of the US and other countries are towards them. Consequently, the nuclear program is a way in which North Korea can deter the security threat that can be presented from any of the above countries. While members of this country feel that this could actually be a valid argument, one cannot help but notice how insufficient it is. All the latter mentioned countries have communicated their intentions to North Korea. consequently, it becomes very difficult to know whether North Korea’s arguments hold water or not. (Minchoel, 2003)The nuclear program began as far back as the early nineteen sixties. At that time, the North Korean government felt that there was a need to create a fortress around North Korea by militarizing this country. This decision led to the creation of an atomic energy complex.