Population Health in Saudi Arabia Asthma

Saudi Arabia is a country where allergic diseases, in particular, asthma are very common among the school-going, children. The disease is a growing concern for the Saudi government since it leads to increased absenteeism in schools, lack of social and sports activities. Several studies have been carried out in this regard which proves the point that despite the fact that asthma medicines are available easily still asthma is on the rise among school children (Frayh et al. 2001).Asthma has been defined in different ways. The common definition used to define asthma by the clinicians is the “variable airflow obstruction”. Some other definitions also describe asthma as an “inflammatory disease”. However, researchers are not satisfied with the definitions since they do not distinguish between the asthmatic and the nonasthmatic. For that matter, the diagnosis of asthma remains clinical (Frayh et. al. 2001). Moamary (2008) defines asthma in the following manner:“Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder with airway hyper-responsiveness that leads to recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, chest tightness and coughing. These episodes are usually associated with reversible airflow obstruction.”Towards the end, I will discuss some of the interventions that might prove beneficial to control asthma. To support my research, I intend to explore scientific journals and authentic websites.Saudi Arabia is a big country with a covering area of 2.25 million square kilometers. The country is rich in oil which has contributed a lot in boosting its economy through export. It has developed tremendously in the past three decades. The Saudi government has invested a lot in the health care system, education, housing, and environment for the benefit of the people. It is a country with a huge network of roads, seaports, airports, industries, and power and desalination plants.