Practice Study

Recently the client was diagnosed with fronto-temporal lobe dementia. Client denies his mental illness condition and allegations. During the study the focus had been in the theories of social work, medical studies, psychology and others to gain knowledge to guide our understanding to understand the reaction pattern of the client and help him. The study also has an objective to understand its contribution to the development of the student of social work. Various theories of social work have been studied. Based on the background and medical history of the client and inputs from various working professionals like supervisor, GP, psychologist and others the appropriate theories have been practiced.The client would be referred as BM to preserve the confidentiality under Data Protection Act 1970. The involvement in the case of BM was due to the eighty-day placement requirement of the study. To understand background of the client the first requirement was to study his recorded file. The information from this source can be grouped in:BM belongs to the senior citizen group. His age is 73 years. He is of the Caribbean origin. BM is originally from Jamaica. He had come to UK in 1956. He lives alone. BM case is a good example of race and ethnicity. He is being treated equally and getting the proper care and support by the professionals irrespective of their age, sex, community or race. With the prior experience in first placement and knowledge expansion the priority was to understand the background and specifications about the client to apply any practice theory. Among these the most important factor here was client’s physical and mental health. Client has a divorced life and has been in touch with his son. Family support for the client was the minimum. He has a lonely life. In December 2004, BM was admitted under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act 1983. The