Problem Solution Provided by TeraTech

TeraTech uses the electronic media for communicating key issues such as staffing – hiring as well as a retrenchment of staff. Such strategic issues need to be communicated in person, through face to face discussions involving all the key stakeholders involved, so as to facilitate better decision making. TeraTech is planning the launch of a new product that requires a specialized skill set for its product development and support, which the current staff lacks. Hence the issue needs to be solved through choosing proper alternatives so as to facilitate the overall growth and development of the organization. The training and development of the staff is a viable option, in this scenario as it contributes towards the sustainability of the organization.TeraTech is faced with ethical dilemmas regarding issues like maintaining the existing staff levels as well as providing training to them in order to better equip them to work on the proposed new product – analytical CRM. The CEO of the company is keen on conserving the financial resources so as to maintain the profit levels of the company. The CMO, as suggested by the CEO is reluctant to increase the staff levels due to the lack of availability of funds, while the VP HR is faced with acute shortage of employees and requests hiring of additional staff, as the existing staff is already overburdened with work with some of them doing overtime. To ease the pressure on the existing staff, it is necessary to hire additional staff to share the responsibility. The CTO too is faced with a problem where the existing staff doesn’t have the adequate skill set required of them for working on the proposed product. For the testing and support of the new technology to be implemented during its development, she needs staff with adequate skill levels which could either be done by hiring new staff with the necessary know-how or training the existing staff, both of which would require heavy financial investments.