Product Launch of a Company

The current paper refers to the potential methods of promotion of a particular product – an iPod type of product – in the British market. The various aspects of the presentation of this product in the market are examined while suggestions are made for its effective promotion into the market taking into account the political and financial turbulences within the international market – at the level that this climate could affect all markets around the world. It should be noticed that various methodologies could be used in order to ensure the positive performance of the specific product in the British market. In accordance with a relevant report ‘in developing a market plan, your primary functions are to understand the needs and desires of your customer, select or develop a product or service that will meet customer needs, develop promotional material that will make the customer aware, and ensure product or service delivery’ (Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre, 2008, online article). These issues – among with others presented below – will be used in order to identify the most appropriate market plan for the promotion of an iPod-type product in the British market.UK market is characterized by strong competition in all industrial areas. In the area of technology, there are many firms that offer products that are based on advanced technology features. however, the prices of these products cannot be characterized as approachable to the high percentage of consumers in the particular market. Regarding the product under examination – the iPod-type of product, the market analysis should focus on the examination of the following issues: a) identification of potential customers, b) identification of product’s characteristics and their importance for the targeted market, c) identification of main competitors, d) identification of market’s characteristics and e) identification of distribution channels available for the specific product.