Raping within Dating

Rickert, Psy.D., and C.M. Weinmann, Ph.D. Traditionally, it was believed that women are raped by some unknown person coming out of the darkness. But this paradigm has changed since the evolution of acquaintance rape and ‘date rape’. Date rape is a sexual assault that occurs when the victim and perpetrator are involved in dating relationships, ranging from the first date to a steady dating relationship. [Sally K. Ward, Jane Stapleton, and Jennifer Leatherman] On the basis of the information received and collated from Central Michigan University, the U.S. Dept. of Justice, the Kansas State University Alcohol and other Drug Education Service and other sources, the University of Tennessee prepared a report which revealed that 25% of women were victims of rape and attempted rape whereas 85% rapes occurred on campuses as an acquaintance/ date rape and 42% of college women who were raped did not disclose. [Sandra Choron and Harry Choron] Under the study conducted by Towson State University, it was believed that 33.6% of campus sexual assaults were reported to the Police where the rest went unreported. Campus rape victims are often away from the home for the first time in a new environment and after being victimized by sexual assault, many campus rape victims feel a loss of trust in themselves or others and transfer to another school or dropout [Allan M. Hoffman, John H. Schuh, Robert H. Fenske]Date rape can happen to anyone, you, me, or anyone around. Anyone would like to go on for a date to have some wonderful time only to discover at the end of the evening that her date can’t take no for an answer. It is estimated that 90 percent of all rapes are never reported. of those that are reported about 60 percent of the victims know their assailants. Although date rape is a problem among females of all ages, it is especially prevalent among girls who are in their final years of high school. American statistics highlight that most victims are between the ages of sixteen and nineteen, with the second-highest rate between the ages of twenty and twenty-four’.