Reasons for Engaging in Smoking

Arguably, many smokers cannot do without their daily pack of cigarettes. Others often try quitting but in no time, they get back to the old habit. There are individuals who cannot work or talk before a dose of their favorite brand. One wonders what makes people smoke. How powerful is the stimulant nicotine in tobacco that it makes its users not to go a day without a puff? Different people smoke for different purposes and at different times (Rathus and Nevid 187). There are varying circumstances that trigger the first smoking experience. There are heavy smokers who smoke several packets per day while others smoke a few sticks. To others, it is an occasional habit. It comes up at times and disappears.According to Jarvis, most smokers start the habit at the start of teenage. The main prompt for most of them to start is out of sheer curiosity. Watching adults smoke gives young teens that are out to explore the curiosity to feel the taste of a puff. This triggers them to light the first cigarette. Some leave it immediately as they realize that the taste is awful and not as amazing as they thought. On several attempts, they get accustomed to the taste and they adopt the habit. Some teens get the temptation to try out smoking after an appealing cigarette advertisement. Since the adverts show how trendy one looks as they smoke, a teenager will try out smoking in order to look like the people in the advert. In other cases, movies showing characters that triumph and have the habit of smoking can trigger a teenager to try out (Rathus and Nevid 187).According to Nicholas and Fowler, teenagers living in a neighborhood where smoking is a common trend are likely to adopt the habit. Some will try out in a bid to look like everyone else. Children whose parents smoke are at a higher risk of trying out. Teens who have low self-esteem will smoke to evade the reality and look more outgoing and wild (Staffo 69).