Recycling and Its Importance

In today’s glance, we will get acquainted with different types of disposal. Earlier, it was about changing the consumption model as one of the ways to save the environment. According to some experts, one of the mechanisms of environmental protection is recycling.Presently, one of the key san methods of environmental management is attention to the process of recycling. Recycling – the activity associated with the use of waste at the stages of their technological cycle or ensuring the reuse (recycling) of the used or recycled products. Recycling should be distinguished from the other methods of treatment of the resource materials. Recycling may or may not include its treatment – san activities aimed at changing the physical, chemical, or biological state of the waste to ensure subsequent recycling.A lot of recycled resources, raw materials, and energy extracted from waste are processed, as well as a reduction in the degree of air pollution from the combustion of substances and water pollution from landfills. They began to consider recycling as one of the means of combating the expenditure of materials and national resources, reducing the consumption of raw resources and energy. as a result, the emission of greenhouse recycle gases is also reduced to save the planet. So, recycling is the most important concept and san recycling. Although all substances discharged as garbage must be treated, not all waste is economical, and therefore only part of it is recycled. One of the main recoverable recycled resources from waste is paper. As you know, the raw materials for making paper are provided from rare trees. For the production of each ton of paper, 2 tons of wood is required, and for the production of each ton of white paper dough from wood, 6 cubic meters of wood is needed. So, one of the ways to prevent the destruction of forests is the secondary use and disposal of substances, the raw resources for the production of which are provided from the forest, which is beneficial both environmentally and economically.When writing an essay on recycling and its importance, it should be mentioned that paper is the fifth-largest energy-consuming industry in the world. The paper recycle industry consumes huge volumes of water, for example, for the production of each ton of paper from wood, 440 thousand liters of liquid is consumed, while 1800 liters of liquid is enough to produce it from waste recycled paper. The production of paper from waste paper leads to a significant reduction in water and air pollution because 15-17 thick trees will have to be cut down for the production of each ton of paper. As a rule, each tree can annually convert into oxygen an average of 6 kilograms of carbon dioxide. To produce one ton of paper, 4 thousand kilowatts of electricity is consumed. Scientists have learned that recycling paper can save 50% in water consumption, 64% energy, and contribute to air pollution by 74%. If we calculate the paper consumed in one year, this consumption is equivalent to 5.1 trees per person, and their volume in the whole world amounts to billions of trees per year.Another material the processing of which helps protect the environment is plastic that we also need to recycle. Today, the growing demand for plastic as a large group of polymer substances in all domestic and industrial fields has led to the rapid growth and depletion of these petrochemical products in the world. Today, almost half of the world’s petrochemical products go to the production of plastics. The exorbitant amount of plastic cans in municipal waste, their high durability in the environment, and the indecomposability in nature and the possible spread of pollutants to the environment contribute to the fact that from an environmental point of view recycling of this type of product is given greater san importance. Recycling is carried out by reuse of the material for the same purpose. Along with this, efforts were launched to produce biodegradable biological plastics. These plastics have the ability to return to technogenesis processes within an acceptable time frame. Plastics contain a degradable substance such as starch, which increases the rate of decomposition by bacteria, water, or an enzyme in nature.According to san recycle experts, annually 100 million tons of plastic are produced on the planet, 42% of which is used in the packaging industry. The results of the recycle studies show that the disposal of plastic products reduces the level of energy costs and consumed natural resources, such as water, oil, and natural resources needed. According to the Society of the Plastics Industry, plastic production takes about 4% of the energy industry, and as a rule, recycling saves energy. In view of the foregoing, it becomes clear that recycling is, in fact, the restoration of these natural resources, which not only contributes to environmental protection but can also play an effective role in the economies and self-sufficiency of countries. This is why many scientists call recycled garbage the "dirty gold" that should be subjected to recycling.