Red Zuma Project

In-depth analysis of the marketA comprehensive product designSelecting the appropriate product designAll-inclusive designCreation of prototypes for the project’s commencementTesting of created prototypesFinalizing on product designThe final manufacturing processOrdering components and equipmentInstallation of product equipmentAmong the above activities, the detailed marketing plan has the most significant slack, and it will take 179 days to complete. This slack period is substantial. It is essential to note that the network is not extremely sensitive, and I shall justify it in my Red Zuma project essay literature.Although the project is going to demand massive resources and take a lot of time because of the different steps, there are certain milestones. The most notable activity in the project is design collection. This activity is going to be the beginning of a sensitive merging process, and the completions are utilized as milestones.According to my timeline, I am planning to complete it on March 3, 2021. Another significant milestone that shall justify many ensuing processes is the finalized product design. Once again, it is an integral merging activity that shall begin on May 8, 2021. The assigned names of every action justify their importance or relevance to the entire assignment.Allocated Resources for the ProjectsI have various over-allocated resources in the project because of their relevance. These are marketing specialists, purchasing agents, design engineer, an industrial engineer. After successful completion of resources leveling, whatever is over apportioned shall reduce from four to two. The biggest problems in resource allocation are design engineer and industrial engineer most considerable slack relating to detailed marketing plan reducing.At the culmination, the task alters in the duration after resource-leveling. You shall notice the network’s sensitivity to change, which refers to the network diagram after resource-leveling. It is now evident that the entire project’s period is now two hundred and ninety days.After successful resource leveling, there was a significant alteration. This resulted in an increase in the completion date, more than the estimated duration. Resources have a direct effect on project duration time. A Gantt chart possessing a schedule table showing free and total slack of the resource-constrained schedule is a great way to justify the relationship and the effect of leveling.