Reflection on Management Theories and Learning Process

Little by little I have become more active in my group, and I have even organized some activities. I have attended to more presentations, and I have talked much more with my teachers. I have also attended the Learning Center, and I have visited my tutor to find answers to my problems. I have received useful advice at the university that has helped me be more communicative, and at the same time, I have developed some of my leadership skills along the way.I have undergone a learning process that has helped me to grow as a better person and a better student. I know that the most difficult human task is self-mastery, and this semester I have experienced this fact throughout my management studies. I have realized that management can help me to take control of myself and other people in order to do positive tasks together. I have understood that management provides me with valuable theories and skills that I can use for my own benefit and the benefit of any organization that I have to manage in the future. I have gone through a learning process that has helped me to improve step by step in acquiring self-confidence and self-mastery. I have seen through reflection that I have to understand the management theories in order to apply the management skills effectively. I have also realized that everything comes down to communication and leadership.I have experienced in this second semester a process of growth in applying my management skills through my interactions in the group, my attendance to presentations and the Learning Center, the support of my teachers and my tutor, my involvement in organizing activities, and the awareness of my need to become a better student and a better person through the knowledge and application of sound management theories. So in the next pages, I will sum up what I have learned about management theories, communication, leadership and the learning process that has helped me to enhance my management skills, especially self-confidence, communication, presentation, time management, conflict management, teamwork and groups, time management, conflict management, and presentation skills. (Blair, 1993).