Relevance of Dantes Inferno in the Current World

Some of the issues the essay will discuss include the journey which even in the current world individuals do take as seen in Dante also the evaluation of worthy sins in the current world and how they were seen in Dante.Dante’s inferno is relevant in the current western environment, for it can be seen in the canto. In the comedy, it is seen that Dante is gone astray and regardless of the efforts made, he is unable to trace on how he can get to the way. Dante says, somewhere amid life one wakes only to find themselves amid what he refers to as dark wood-confusion (Dante, 1949, p71). This situation is well applicable to many people in the current world who in many times find themselves in situations that they are unable to explain. In the current world, a lot of people move on their own where they encounter challenges and difficulties which strengthens them in the continuity of their desired life. In a self-discovery journey, individuals are seen to be struggling which makes their life complicated. Similar to Dante’s encounter, it is evident that most people are unable to drive themselves from dark situations, for they will find going back-going back into places of darkness ever and ever again (Dante 73).As per the environment which Dante was, he was obliged to encounter situations that were challenging such as passing through fire and some difficult situations to pass the test and move out of the situations. Unlike most people in the current world, Dante was lucky simply because he had Virgil to provide directions to overcome challenging situations. Most people walk alone where they face a lot of challenges before they move from dark situations. In most circumstances, individuals move alone in times of despair where they face a lot of challenges before they get to the other end. According to Dante, the sin of the world can be well described by the journey he went to.At the atrium of hell, Dante narrates how he came across some ill-fates who had stayed in the hell for long.