Research Methods Project

The atmosphere where the recording is done is an intrinsic part of the event and the intention behind the outdoor recording is to capture this acoustical atmosphere (Thein, n.d.). This can be captured in a mobile unit or a truck although a mobile recording studio has constraints of space. While there are several mobile recording facilities available, most have huge setups and can cater only to big bands or groups. These units do provide a multi-track recording or produce the CD on demand, but because of the highly sophisticated and costly equipment, they are out of reach for most small bands.Any research must have a focus, the target group, and the time of the research. As far as this research is concerned, it would be for a short duration and not longitudinal because technology enhancement is very fast. Not much literature is available on the existing offers available in the market. While there are many existing units offering the service, there is no consolidated data to determine the feasibility of the unit as well as the expectations of the technicians and the artists or bands that avail of such service. Hence, research is the only way to ascertain the market potential.The research would attempt to find how justified it is to set up a small mobile recording unit. This would aim to find whether a small unit would stand against competition from the larger, expensive units. Thus the objective of the research is as follows:Any decision is based on a body of knowledge. This body of knowledge is produced through research. By applying the appropriate methodologies and the research method, the body of knowledge can be established and advanced with confidence. While research is considered important there is no consensus on how it should be defined because research means differently to different people.