Research theory discussion 1 wk4

Role of theory in Research Introduction Theory refers to set of information with related principles or concepts that in the prediction of future phenomenon based on experience. Theory plays a crucial role in any research as it connects different research and simplify research modelin theformation of hypotheses. Theory forms an essential component of any research and is of great relevance to any scientific research.Role of Theory Theories provide guidelines for information and knowledge acquired in any research. Theory forms links and interlinks for various resources used in the research. Without a theory in research work, different research will appear as separate and distinct work. There will be a lack of connection between the research work and other related resources. Therefore, theory interconnects various components of the research and links one research work with other knowledge bases (Utley, 2011). Theories are also important in designing a simplified research model. They eliminate complicated details of the research and provide a concise overview of the research model. Particularly in scientific research, like in physics, theory provides a simplified model of the research work. It eliminates the complication associated with details of the research and provides a general overview of the research. A research model used in the study, therefore, incorporate the postulated theory framework. Each theory can demand are different research model in discussing the same topic. For example, particle theory and wave theory both explains how light works. These two theories have different models but explain the same concept (Utley, 2011).Conclusion Theories are therefore, an important aspect of any given research. They connect different component of the research topic as it provides knowledge base for the study. Theories also influence the research approach for the study. This is because different theories will require different models of study.ReferenceUtley, R. A. (2011). Theory and research for academic nurse educators: Application to practice. Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett Publishers