Research Use for Academic Purposes

I had basic computer skills but yet I consulted certain friends who could assist me in refining my computer skills. It was only after a while that I realized that I needed to have a plan and schedule to achieve results in a time-bound manner. Hence I prepared a detailed plan and time table. It was a step by step guide that I gave myself to go about my research work. I also trained myself to become a persistent investigator rather than being frustrated by initial failures and giving up easily. In dealing with problems, I developed myself a method. First I would think about the problem and with the assistance of relevant information, arrive at a solution that seemed to me most effective and appropriate. I did not end my problem-solving exercise at this point. Instead, I then thought about what other possible solutions could be. I also thought about the negative aspects and possible errors in the solution of my choice. Only after this process is completed did I finalize my solution option. I was enrolled in the Doctoral program at Walden University. As I had always been a conscientious student ever since grade school, and have always been responsive to learning, I could enjoy the work I did. Learning and researching was a pleasurable experience for me. I completed this project in time as I always did with all my other important projects and assignments. This was also an exercise for me that increased my confidence in doing research. This work made me identify my research skills as being excellent and motivated me to do further work. Me neither being the most intelligent nor the most gifted student could achieve good results through my never-say-yes-to-failure attitude. It was also my willingness to do hard work that gave me success. I use research for a host of things. At an academic level, I always try to prepare myself for particular subjects. So, if ever there are assignments, I would research the information on them further so that I can provide far more comprehensive information and become, in my mind, very familiar with the subject. So this helps my papers, my essays and preparing me for class discussion.