Service Operations and Organisational Dynamics Morrison Supermarkets PLC

When operating in Britain a company has to take into consideration that the specific market is offered for a high level of development. However, the competition involved is usually hard and as a result in order for any company to survive, it has to prove that its quality of services/ products offered to customers can be differentiated from the ones of its competitors. Apart from that, it is necessary that the company will apply an innovative strategy when developing its operational units across the country taking into account that from time to time its strategic plans need to be reviewed in accordance with the demands of the market. On the other hand, it could be stated that the level of development of a company in Britain depends on a series of particular issues, like the sector on which the specific firm operates, its financial strength, and its customer base. Its potentials for online activity would be also valuable in the long term. Through the years the corporate strategies have been proved to be quite effective in accordance with the firm’s financial strength and its targets. However, gradually a series of changes were required mostly because of the development of technology which created new standards of activating in the market (in all its sectors). The extremely effective strategic planning and the application of innovative schemes have helped the company not only to survive in its market but also to improve its position towards its competitors.Morrison Supermarkets Plc has been a business operating in the Britain market for more than a hundred years. The company was established in 1899 in Bradford by William Murdoch Morrison. Soon after, it became a private limited company. In 1967 the company entered the London Stock Exchange. The growth of the company throughout its operation has been continuous and impressive. One of the main factors for this development has been the application of innovative methods in the design of the stores across Britain.