Small Group Communication iMacChat

So significant are the changes that a specific set of rules, referred to as “netiquette”, had to be established in order to maintain the order and benefits of online group communication. Specifically, this paper focuses on the online group, iMacChat. Specifically, this paper focuses on the online group, iMacChat. After a discussion of the group itself, some theoretical concepts relating to small group interaction and the online environment will be defined and applied.iMacChat is an online discussion group that focuses on issues surrounding the use and ownership of iMac computers and associated systems. The group is quite large, consisting of 1763 persons at the time of writing. On the day when I joined, the report stated that 10 new members have joined over the last 7 days. The group is therefore quite popular and appears to draw new sign-ups on a continual basis. In the meantime, many new members may, therefore, have signed up, and the group may be substantially larger than at the time of this writing.Applying for group membership was quite an interesting exercise. The first step was to provide information relating to why I wanted to join the group. This message is then approved by a moderator, who later sends a welcome message to the effect that membership has been approved. In order to preserve security and ensure the authenticity of the membership application, another box requests the duplication of a random code. This is a standard procedure for most online groups, and all Yahoo chat groups include these. It wasn’t significantly difficult to apply for membership, nor did it take very long to be approved. I was approved within 12 hours after applying for membership.Immediately after applying for membership, I received two messages from the group moderator. The first (included in the appendix) was a message thanking me for applying, and that the moderators would approve membership as soon as possible. This message also stated that Internet delays are possible as a result of site maintenance or weekend hours.