Social Determinants of Health and Impact on Aboriginal Australians

In the course of the essay, we will see that factors such as socioeconomic status, poverty, perception of control of financial status that people have as well as underlying factors such as colonialism and its impact on landholdings and control as well as more subtle factors such as racism and discrimination all fit in together to form reasons contributing to the current health status of Australian aboriginals and hence leading to alcohol misuse. These factors will now be looked at in more detail.One of these determinants of health care is the socio-economic status. Dick (2007) discusses how there is a very strong link between the poverty faced by an individual or society and its correlation with poor health care, which in turn leads to social habits such as unhealthy amounts of alcohol consumption. The socioeconomic status that one has contributes in many ways to the health status of an individual. thus, poverty means low literacy rates and this in turn affects the ability of people to use health information to their advantage. Furthermore, poverty obviously leads to lower accessibility to healthcare services and facilities. Socioeconomic status impacts the kind of accommodation in which one is residing. hence poverty leads to one living in overcrowded houses that leads to greater chances for diseases spreading. Williams (2007) argues that the present healthcare is too expensive and can not be afforded by a majority of the Australian Aboriginals. thus poverty plays a major role in the kind of health status of aboriginals. Apart from affecting the physical health, low economic status also results in affecting a person’s psychological state of mind. This is because poverty means that a person has no or very little control over his financial situation, hence leading to anxiety and stress. In the National Aboriginal Health Strategy (1989), Australian Aboriginals said that the control that they had over their physical environment was very much linked to their health status. while it is true that basic health facilities are a very importantpart of healthcare, the perceived control one has over his financial situation and the environment is also really important.