Strategic Approach to Export Activities of Australian Business Organizations

In the Australian business environment also it is very much evident that organizations that engaged in export businesses have more growth prospects and opportunities (Austrade-1, n.d.).These business organizations also receive substantial support from the government agencies in performing their export activities being within a framework of trade policies and laws. The export activities also help in building a reputation in the global market as well as provide economic support to the nation (Chen p6, 2004). Better technologies and management practices are also learned by organizations under the export trade activities.The export business affairs of Australian organizations are performed within a framework which provides a strategic approach to the export activities and adds more effectiveness and efficiency to the trade practices of the organizations (Austrade-2, n.d.). The export activities comprise certain basic steps that are required to be followed by the organizations which have plans to expand their business operations at the international level. These basic steps provide organizations with ideas regarding export activities and their importance in terms of enhancing growth opportunities and competitiveness in the global market (Austrade-3, n.d.).The strategies adopted for export activities by Australian organizations provide support to all of the various activities which are done in order to perform export activities. Australian multinational organizations under the strategic approach to export activities focus on the opportunities which are available in offshore marketing. The offshore marketing strategy considers the global market trends which help the organizations to develop their strategy for expansion through export activities.The export strategies adopted by Australian organizations also have a concern towards their export destinations which includes both the current and prospective destinations for export.